What Sets The Automotive Intelligence Summit Apart

What Sets The Automotive Intelligence Summit Apart

The Automotive Intelligence Summit represents the newest and most daring venture by Cherokee Media Group. AIS’ mission is to bring together top minds to make sense of all the data flooding all corners of the auto industry, synthesize it into actionable knowledge and mold the future of the automotive sphere.

While Cherokee Media Group offers other opportunities for networking, learning and sharing information — including our flagship conference, Used Car Week, or the Auto Remarketing Canada Conference — AIS represents a distinct step forward. Here’s how AIS sets itself apart.

Forecasting the Future

The entire focus of AIS centers on new and emerging technologies, data, analytics and business intelligence impacting the whole of the automotive and auto-finance industries. On the other hand, UCW stands alone as a convergence of specifically the used-car industry each fall. While UCW fits solidly in the wheelhouse of “all things used, pre-owned and remarketing,” AIS extends beyond the used-car business to encompass the broader automotive and auto-finance industry.

Additionally, while UCW assesses what’s happened and how that impacts the industry in the next few years, AIS looks forward — it will inspect what’s happening now, what will occur in the future and how to prep for the coming decade and beyond.

Presenters and Attendees

The unique combination of the AIS speaker faculty and brain trust is a blend of top-tier executives and companies that will share new insights, analysis and technologies aimed at those with a keen desire to learn more about what’s next and how can it help their business grow.

Executives asking themselves, “What’s next?” and, “How does our company leverage what’s next?” will certainly learn something new, discover fresh opportunities and establish useful contacts at AIS.

— Bill Zadeits, Chairman, Automotive Intelligence Summit

The ideal audience of AIS would include executives at the C-suite level or venture capitalists at OEMs, dealership groups, banks, credit unions, captive finance companies, private equity firms and tech startups, but we also encourage financial consultants, data scientists, transit authorities, university professors and anyone else willing to learn more about coming advances in the auto industry to attend.

Location, Location, Location

AIS’ situation in Raleigh, N.C., is an intentional decision on multiple levels. The Triangle, and North Carolina as a whole, has a lot to offer. The Research Triangle Park — the largest research park in the United States, and one of the largest in the world — harbors many leading-edge companies in the technology space; for example, our corporate offices are just a few minutes’ drive to the world headquarters of SAS. To complement the innovative incubation in the RTP, the Triangle is also home to some of the premier higher-learning institutions in the nation, including NC State University in Raleigh itself, Duke University and UNC-Chapel Hill. Furthermore, Charlotte has established itself as one of the country’s top banking centers— it’s the third-largest in the nation, after New York and San Francisco, and the financial hub of the Southeast.

“The location choice of the RTP and North Carolina was something we’ve being eyeing for a while, and AIS provides a great opportunity to host an event here,” said AIS Chairman Bill Zadeits.

The Road Ahead

Finally, AIS presents a unique opportunity for growth and development as an annual event after the initial delivery of this high-value inaugural experience.

“As we continue to add value over time, the event will continue to grow and evolve,” said Zadeits. “There’s no cap on technology or business intelligence. And we’re committed to delivering a great experience for our attendees.”

Click here to register for the first annual Automotive Intelligence Summit and take part in the future of automotive. To learn more about the summit’s content and presenters, read this blog post on AIS’ eight core topics, check out our ever-growing slate of speakers and peruse the agenda.