Auto Intel Summit 2019 Agenda Goes Live

Auto Intel Summit 2019 Agenda Goes Live

We know. There are a lot of trade shows, events and conferences to consider attending to further your career and stay up to date on the latest and greatest. But that’s just the thing. Professional events should do just that: offer you competitive strategies and knowledge to grow your business — as well as keep their respective industries on the cutting edge of technology, best practices and more.

That’s why we think you should consider the Automotive Intelligence Summit, which just released its 2019 Agenda. During early discussions for the AIS 2019 agenda, the conference team took a long hard look at the latest buzz around each of the event’s eight core focuses: compliance regulations, connectivity, mobility, investing + M&A, predictive analytics, digital retail, fintech solutions and economic forecasts.

The 2019 agenda is still forming, and the lineup already includes names at the forefront of the evolving fintech and digital retailing industries, including: MotoInsight, GM Financial, CarNow, KAR Auction Services, Equifax, Nielsen, IHS Markit, Deloitte, Cox Automotive Mobility, EY, SAS, Get Spiffy Inc., and more.

To check out what experts will be on stage at AIS 2019, see our live agenda!

Our AIS call for speakers garnered responses from across the industry, ranging from exploring AI and machine learning and its impact on auto, to the future of vehicle ownership and new models like ride-sharing and more. But when picking topics for the AIS 2019 agenda, we first had to explore the industry’s biggest questions.

If the answer to any of the below questions would benefit or impact your business, perhaps AIS 2019 is the right event for you:

  • ​How can we separate the facts from fiction as we embrace the next horizon of digital retailing?
    • Andrew Tai, MotoInsight CEO will tackle this very topic in a keynote on Wednesday morning, July 24th.
  • What pain points will the next wave of fintech relieve for auto consumers and retailers? What tools do you need to incorporate into your business to stay competitive?
    • This topic will kick off the event in the form of a keynote panel led by Sharon Mancero, Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo Preferred Capital.

Mary Ross, President of Californians for Consumer Privacy, and former CIA Counterintelligence Officer and Counsel on the House Intelligence Committee, will explore the intersection of data privacy and big data.

  • How will the auto industry need to address the intersection of data privacy and cybersecurity in the coming years? What cybersecurity technologies are receiving the most investment and why?
    • AIS Chair Bill Zadeits and SVP Global Chief Information Security Officer at GM Financial, Ryan Bachman, will sit down for a fireside chat to close out the first day of the conference to dive into cybersecurity for the future of auto. 

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  • What does the future of vehicle ownership look like? And what does this shifting landscape mean for industries, businesses, and consumers?
    • Scot Wingo, CEO & Co-Founder of Get Spiffy Inc., will explore how the concept of vehicle ownership is being redefined in an AIS workshop. Wingo will help attendees better understand the evolution of vehicle ownership from birth to adolescence to digital renaissance.

Andrew Tai, CEO, MotoInsight, will separate the facts from fiction in digital retail on Wednesday, July 24th, at AIS 2019.

  • How is innovation in mobility and connectivity changing physical cars as we know them — as well as how we drive them?
    • Alex Fraser, General Manager of Atlanta Market Fleet Services, Cox Automotive Mobility, offers a workshop on “Mobility Services Driving the Fleets of the Future.” Discuss the consumer and what their expectations are today. 
  • What is at the crossroads of data, predictive analytics and machine learning, and how is this space being leveraged by your peers?
    • Joe Oliveri, Vice President, Data-as-a-Service, KAR Auction Services, will explore this very crossroads. According to Oliveri, “Big data isn’t just for big companies.” 

Stay tuned to the #AutoIntelSummit blog in the coming weeks for the latest news on keynotes and new workshops to be added to the AIS 2019 agenda.

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