AIS 2019 to Explore Data Privacy & Cybersecurity from Key Angles

AIS 2019 to Explore Data Privacy & Cybersecurity from Key Angles

There’s no denying it. Big data, and the resulting applications and technology has not only made consumers’ lives easier, but has also created new revenue streams for enterprises across all sectors.

That said, the explosion of data has also created concerns around data privacy and cybersecurity, and has gotten the attention of regulators. The result has been new laws on the books like the California Consumer Protection Act of 2018, known as the CCPA.

This is why data privacy will be front and center at AIS 2019. We will explore the privacy implications of the explosion of big data and analytics, as well as how data privacy will continue to be more and more of a challenge, especially for dealers, auto finance companies and OEMs as online retailing grows in popularity.

The CCPA and other initiatives are a result of the growing concern about the need to manage and protect an individual’s personal data. Many other countries have already put laws into place to tackle this challenge, although the U.S. still doesn’t have any laws on the books regarding data privacy at a federal level, according to the report. The CCPA is likely the first of many at the state level.

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AIS will explore data privacy and cybersecurity from a variety of different angles. Hear from attorneys, auto finance professionals, lawmakers and more. Here are the data privacy highlights for the July 23-25 event in Raleigh, N.C.:

  • Data Privacy meets Regulatory Oversight in Debt Collection: Not to stray too far into the Marvel universe, but with big data “comes big responsibility.” The possibility of data science and big data are seemingly endless — but with that comes challenges to data privacy.  Hear from the experts on the intersection of data privacy, including attorneys and the Co-Author of the California Consumer Privacy Act.

Mary Ross, President of Californians for Consumer Privacy, and former CIA Counterintelligence Officer and Counsel on the House Intelligence Committee, will explore the intersection of data privacy and big data

  • Getting Prepared for Data Privacy in Debt Collections: The California Consumer Privacy Act goes into effect on Jan. 1, 2020, and the operational impacts on first-party lenders and their third-party vendors are significant. Are you prepared? Join an informative presentation and discussion regarding the impact we’re seeing from different angles, including legal, data privacy, technology and strategy, led by the founder and CEO of Intellaegis/masterQueue, John Lewis.
  • Legal Issues of Selling Online: In this interactive session, attorney Jason McCarter will survey important legal implications and best practices for digital retailing and related remarketing services. Discussion will include cross-border concerns, licensing, state form requirements, collateral liquidation issues, privacy policies and dispute considerations.  Attendees will be better prepared to spot and mitigate legal risks after the session.

Ryan Bachman, SVP Global Chief Information Security Officer, GM Financial

  • Fireside Chat: Cybersecurity for the Future of Auto: Discover the answers to the most pressing cybersecurity issues that the auto and auto finance industry are facing. Where and what cybersecurity technologies are receiving the most investment, and why? Find out at AIS 2019, and explore the complexity and importance of the intersection of data privacy and cybersecurity with Ryan Bachman, SVP Global Chief Information Security Officer, GM Financial; and Bill Zadeits, Chair, Auto Intelligence Summit.

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