15-minute Auto Intel Snapshots to Provide Impactful Takeaways for AIS 2019 Attendees

15-minute Auto Intel Snapshots to Provide Impactful Takeaways for AIS 2019 Attendees

We know the auto industry is full of busy people. Some of the busiest out there, in fact. And when our attendees make the effort to pull themselves away from their high-paced businesses for our event — we know we need to deliver.

One of the ways we do this is through meaningful, impactful content — you know, the type of workshops that leave you with action-items you can directly relate to your company, or perhaps a general session that really cleared up an industry trend that wasn’t making sense to you. We’ve likely all been there.

That’s why this year at AIS 2019, we are launching our Auto Intel Snapshots. These TED-style presentations run 15 minus long and will narrow in on certain specifics of a larger topic and drill down into key elements.

They are impactful, quick, and powerful, and designed to leave attendees thinking and armed with new ideas for their own businesses.

Jeremiah Wheeler, Executive Vice President & General Manager of Fintech, DRN

These sessions focus on audience takeaways that make a difference, and cover niche and urgent topics to the automotive business, including the evolution of fintech, the potential of big data, and the importance of compliance.

This year, AIS will offer three Auto Intel Snapshots to attendees over the course of the event:

  • First, Marguerite Watanabe, President, Connections Insights, will help kick off the event on Wednesday with her session focused on the evolution of the fintech landscape. The auto fintech environment continues to evolve with auto fintech market players striving to differentiate their value propositions to auto finance companies and banks, dealers and/or consumers, as well as the investment community. Learn how the fintech companies seek to create a role for themselves in the auto financing market and provide a value-add to their finance partners.
  • Later that day, Jeremiah Wheeler, Executive Vice President & General Manager of Fintech at DRN, will explore the potential of location data. Data is important. But data alone fails to make the connections you need to transform your business. You need the right kind of data, and then you need the insights that can be gleaned from that data. This session asserts we need to start thinking spatially to understand how thinking about location can better help you address the business problems you face. Learn how to think about location data as risk mitigation data by realizing that location data helps to tell a story about your business.

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Jessie Herdrich, VP, Compliance, PAR North America

  • Attendees will also hear from Jessie Herdrich, VP, Compliance, PAR North America. Data science: it’s upending the automotive industry and providing actionable insights for auto remarketers, OEMs, dealers and consumers alike. But as automotive companies big and small increasingly tap into this data, the risk for falling out of compliance rises, too. In this session, Herdrich will take a critical look at current pain point issues and solutions surrounding the intersection of data and compliance—sharing what’s needed to meet heightened requirements at a time when data is being heavily relied on to drive the industry forward.

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