Auto Intel Summit 2020 Core Topics Cover Hottest Headlines, News

Auto Intel Summit 2020 Core Topics Cover Hottest Headlines, News

One of the event team’s strategies for the Automotive Intel Summit when it was launched in 2018 was to come up with a list of core topics that define the AIS goals.

The eight topics defined have helped lead the event since its launch, and will once again highlight the event this year.

These topics are: compliance regulations, connectivity, mobility, digital retail, predictive analytics, investing + M&A, fintech solutions and economic forecast.

Sound familiar? That’s because those topics grace many a headline these days!

And that reality is no different on the Cherokee Media Group properties, including Auto Remarketing, SubPrime Auto Finance News, the Auto Fin Journal and more.

See below for a news roundup of some of the latest and most-read stories over the last few months stemming from the Auto Intel Summit core topics.

To explore these topics even further, make sure to join us for AIS 2020, April 14-16 in Raleigh, N.C.

Compliance Regulations

Dealer groups, consumer groups and law firms are all tackling the ever-changing world of compliance regulations.


Consumers expect connectivity in their new and pre-owned vehicles these days, and rental companies are ramping up their connected fleets. Read more below.

At the Automotive Intelligence Summit, July 23-25, 2019, at the Marriott in Raleigh, NC.


The business and consumption of transportation and mobility is shifting. J.D. Power recently offered insight on how increasing urbanization will impact mobility trends and more with a ‘hyper local’ focus.

Digital Retail

Digital retailing for autos is here, and progress is being made across the board, as digital retailing startups begin to gain traction, and OEMs and dealers consider the possibilities.

Analytics. Data. Leaders in this space like FICO, Equifax and Experian continue to see how deriving value from big data can positively impact the auto finance and retail industries.

The AIS 2020 Call for Speakers is open until Jan. 31! Submit today.

Investing + M&A 

Investment in dealer groups, startups, digital auctions, fintech and other businesses on the cusp of progress in the auto business are attracting big-time investors. The M&A market for dealerships continues to heat up, as well.

Federal and state regulators approve merger of BB&T and SunTrust

At the 2018 Automotive Intelligence Summit July 24-26 in Raleigh, NC.

Fintech Solutions

The number of fintech solutions hitting the market is significant, and the ‘next best thing’ is just around the corner. AIS 2020 will explore how new fintech is being used to solve painpoints for both dealers and consumers.

Economic Forecast 

As macroeconomics continue to show volatile trends, and the impact of innovation and new technology are constantly updating auto forecasts, it becomes even more important to follow expert predictions like the ones below.

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