Fintech Solutions Front & Center at AIS — Streamlining the Digital Finance Process

Fintech Solutions Front & Center at AIS — Streamlining the Digital Finance Process

As we first recently released the Auto Intel Summit 2020 agenda, we highlighted the 10+ digital-retail focused workshops on the lineup.

Now, we are going to turn to cover another key topic that makes up the backbone of AIS: That’s fintech solutions.

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Fintech. It seemed like it happened overnight (all right, maybe more like a couple of years). That’s all it took for fintech to be an accepted term, in the auto industry and beyond. And this umbrella of technology that eases and streamlines the financing process across industries has been top of mind for many companies and institutions looking to stay competitive in today’s market.

Brendan Flynn, Chief Growth Officer,

That’s especially true for the auto industry, as auto retail heads more and more down a digital route. And consequently, less and less of the vehicle-purchase process — wholesale or retail — is taking place at the dealership or auction lanes.

Fintech solutions are that bridge between the physcial institution and digital-finance success. Read on for fintech highlights from the AIS 2020 agenda.

AIS agenda in Focus — Fintech SolutionS


  • AI In Auto Finance Collections and Servicing: A Roadmap to Success; Mike Trainor, Vice President, S&A Communications; Sean Bennett, VP of Business Technology, Servicing Solutions; Nathan Anderson, Sales Director, Interactions
  • Driving AP Automation in the Automotive Market; Patsy Price, Director of Operations, Peterson Auto Group
  • A Powerful Funding Alternative for Dealers; Jim Bass, SVP, Finance, Agora Data
  • Putting the Trust Back in Vehicle Valuations; James Vecchio, President and Co-Founder, EpiAnalytics Inc.
  • The Importance of Transparency and Simplicity; Michael Mohr, Director of Finance, ACV Auctions
  • Better CX for Less Money with Conversational AI; Brendan Flynn, Chief Growth Officer,


Marc Womack, Chief Operating Officer, TD Auto Finance

    • Leading the Auto-Finance Business into the Next Decade 
      • Sharon Mancero, Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo Preferred Capital
      • Mark Olson, SVP, Southeast Dealer Finance Group Manager, PNC
      • Bill Williams, Product Director, Chase Auto Finance, at JP Morgan Chase & Co.
      • Marc Womack, COO, TD Auto Finance
    • The Emerging 8 Talk Auto Biz Evolution — New Leaders in Fintech Dissect the New Decade
      • Chris Ciccone, Director of Content and Vehicle Data, Roadster
      • Bill Liatsis, CEO, CreditIQ
      • Daniel Parry, Chief Executive Officer, TruDecision
      • Frank McKenna, Chief Strategist, PointPredictive

The next AIS blog post will launch our new Auto Intel Demo Dash opportunity, coming to AIS this spring. Do you have a new technology or product you want to get in front of the high-level, tech-minded AIS audience? This is your chance. Stay tuned!

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