Auto Intel Demo Dashes to Debut at AIS 2020 in April — Is Your Tech a Good Fit?

Auto Intel Demo Dashes to Debut at AIS 2020 in April — Is Your Tech a Good Fit?

It’s a new decade, so obviously, the team at the Auto Intel Summit thought it would be a great time to launch a new offering at our 2020 Raleigh event this April 14-16.

But there’s more thought to the timing behind the launch of the Auto Intel Demo Dash than just that!

There seems to be a new auto technology hitting the digital news stands every day – or more than once a day. New developments in fintech. The latest online auto retail solutions. The new digital tool in the wholesale arena — and much more.

The Auto Intel Summit is helping bring together some of the leaders from the companies behind what the AIS team and industry peers and partners think are some of the latest and greatest tools and solutions on the market.

Early Reg for AIS ends on March 6. Don’t wait, and register today!

But don’t worry — don’t think 30-minute sales pitch; but rather, a demo, bringing forward highlights of technologies that could solve key pinpoints in your particular sector … in less time than it takes to get a coffee and snack in between sessions (5 to 7 minutes, would you say?) . These demos are designed to be rapid-fire, concise and demonstrative.

Each 30-minute Demo Dash slot, sprinkled across the three days of AIS 2020, will showcase four new solutions and/or technologies working to simplify and streamline areas of auto like digital retail, fintech solutions, mobility and more.

With these live demos, we are confident the AIS audience will walk away with info not only on the latest trends, strategies and insight shaping the auto industry today — but also with a window into some of the latest technology in this highly impactful slice of the economy.

So, why would you invest your time, energy and money into an Auto Intel Demo Dash?

Maybe your company just launched a new fintech solution you’re looking to get in front of a large audience — especially one full of decision makers. Or maybe your new digital retailing offering is going to radically change the auto landscape, and it’s time to share the news with the industry.

Each Auto Intel Demo Dash presenter has a total of 7 minutes to convey the value of their product or new technology to the AIS audience.

Whether you are just launching a new solution, or you made a breakthrough in your already well-respected software offering, this general session audience opportunity at AIS reaches high-level execs gathered to specifically learn more about the latest innovation in the auto biz.

Speaking of audience, did we mention each Demo is presented on the AIS main stage? Last year,  over 230 leaders from across the auto industry attended AIS.

Our advice? Bring your C-level execs — your stand-out stars —  and highlight the points that make YOUR new solution or technology stand out from the pack. Then, it’s up to our audience members to decide whether your tech + innovation is the best fit for their business.

For more information on securing your Demo Slot at the spring event, see the Auto Intel Demo Dash 2020 Application, and tell us more about why your demo should make it to the stage!

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