Auto Intel Summit Core Topic Breakdown — What’s Top of Mind for Auto in 2020?

Auto Intel Summit Core Topic Breakdown — What’s Top of Mind for Auto in 2020?

The Auto Intel Summit has always been about what’s next for auto.

That conversation began in 2018 — from Auto Remarketing and Subprime News senior editors, veteran auto event directors, leaders of CMG and more — there were key topics evolving fast, that needed covering.

From mobility and connectivity, to fintech solutions and digital retailing. Eight core topics were born. This blog post is simple. We want YOU to get a taste for what’s in store at AIS 2020. Then, we’ll let you make the decision. Do you need to be there?

Auto Intel Summit 2020 – A Core Topic Breakdown: 

Digital Retailing: We take a full-picture look at all the digital retailing educational offerings at AIS 2020. Digital retail experts confirmed for AIS include leaders like:

  • Michelle Denogean, CMO, Roadster; Len Short, Chairman & CEO, LotLinx; Tim Cox, VP, CarNow; Joe St. John, Head of Digital Retail, AutoFi; Keith Whetter, Vice President, Liquid Motors; Austin Ledgerwood, VP of Automotive Partnerships, Cover Genius; Bruce Thompson, Founder, CarOffer; Alisha Buelt, Senior Vice President of Global Strategy, Acertus and more.

Fintech solutions: Now, we are going to turn to cover another key topic that makes up the backbone of AIS: That’s fintech solutions. Fintech solutions workshop offerings were highlighted in a recent blog post. See below for a few panel keynotes that will be conducted at AIS 2020, and feature the latest in fintech solutions, as well:

  • Leading the Auto-Finance Business into the Next Decade
  • The Emerging 8 Talk Auto Biz Evolution — New Leaders in Fintech Dissect the New Decade

Compliance regulations: What’s next? With the explosion of big data and digital retailing and the consequent cybersecurity concerns growing, how can you protect yourself? Explore the current environment further with the following experts:

  • Mobility Models and Legal Speed Bumps; Jason McCarter, Partner, Eversheds Sutherland
  • Driving with Data: Redefining the Repo Roadmap; Justin Zane, President, RDN & Clearplan (this session will also provide analysis on related predictive analytics!

Brian Allan, Senior VP, Hyrecar

Mobility: How will we be getting from A to B, come 2030? We’re kind of interested. Hear more come April from …

  • Brian Allan, Senior VP, Hyrecar
  • Jim Bauman, Automotive Partnerships Lead, Uber; John Possumato, CEO, DriveItAway Inc.
  • Sean Behr, President, STRATIM
  • Zarif Haque, Chief Executive Officer, DRAIVER
  • Pratik Patel, founder and CEO, RideKleen

See the full AIS 2020 agenda. 


  • Welcome to the Decade of Vehicle 2.0: Scot Wingo, CEO & Co-Founder at Get Spiffy Inc., will explore, from connectivity and electrification to autonomy and shifting ownership models, the automotive industry is in the midst of unprecedented evolution. These four major waves of innovation are already overlapping, colliding and combining to create a mega-trend known as Vehicle 2.0. To progress through these waves of change, we look at where they currently are today and project where they will take us in the future.

Quin Garcia, Managing Director, Autotech Ventures

Investing + M&A:  What makes the fintech and auto innovation world go round? Great ideas, and of course well-placed funds, from Venture capital firms like the following, that are in the market for true potential and game-changers. Find out what auto VC firms are looking for,  and more from :

  • Quin Garcia, Managing Director, Autotech Ventures
  • Wayne Miller, Executive Director, Venture Center

Economic forecast: Whats in store for the next decade? Let the data analysts at the edge of auto answer that question for us:

  • U.S. Auto Sales, Financing and Used-Vehicle Insights; Mike Buckingham, Managing Director, PIN Auto Finance, J.D. Power
  • Recruit and Retain: Talent Matters; Bruce Martin, Founder & President, Broad & Pattison Automotive Search; Advisory Board Member, motormindz

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