Auto Intel Summit Podcasts Showcase the Event’s Breadth + Knowledge Base

Auto Intel Summit Podcasts Showcase the Event’s Breadth + Knowledge Base

The Auto Intel Summit, which is now open for virtual or on-site registration, is focused on eight core topics the team at Cherokee Media Group deemed needed further coverage in the industry. Those are compliance regulations, connectivity, mobility, digital retail, predictive analytics, investing + M&A, fintech solutions and economic forecast.

Seemingly constant innovation, disruption and technological advances instills a whirlwind atmosphere in the automotive sphere, and the Automotive Intelligence Summit seeks to provide answers to your questions about the future of the auto industry.

AIS gives you the opportunity to meet and connect with the intellectual capital that is critical to providing innovative solutions for the industry today and for decades to come.

Virtual registration open and available for AIS 2020!

If you’re trying to decide whether to attend AIS 2020 later this year, virtually or in-person, let the podcasts below help guide you. These are recordings from the AIS 2019 event in Raleigh, N.C., that ran as Auto Remarketing podcasts, and will give you a taste of what will be on the docket this year:

Abhishek Goel, Founder and CEO, Dasceq

PODCAST: Tackling recoveries & cybersecurity with advanced technology

A combination featuring a TED-style presentation from Jessie Herdrich from PAR North America about the intricacies of recoveries, immediately followed by a fireside chat with AIS chairman Bill Zadeits and Ryan Bachman, who is the senior vice president and chief global security officer at GM Financial.

Check out the full 2020 AIS agenda. 

PODCAST: Simple route for AI to boost collections

Collections certainly can be complicated for finance companies, but Dasceq founder and chief executive officer Abhishek Goel explained how leveraging artificial intelligence does not necessarily have to make the task even more complex.

Quin Garcia, Managing Director, Autotech Ventures

PODCAST: How leveraging startups can drive corporate innovation & profits

Zarif Haque, chief executive officer of DRAIVER, and Quin Garcia, managing director of Autotech Ventures discuss the auto startup market, as well as challenges and opportunities.

PODCAST: Smart Strategies for Auto Fintech Success

Next up is panel discussion on “Necessity is the Mother of Invention: How Legacy Companies and Startups Change and Innovate,” moderated by Alex Maritczak of EY. The panelists include Brian Donnelly of Chase Auto Finance, Trevor Gile of Motorcars Honda and Todd Weeks of AutoFi.

Is your interest piqued? See here for a full list of 2020 AIS speakers!

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