The Future of Automotive Retail

The Future of Automotive Retail

Tim Cox may be the most dynamic and knowledgeable in the Digital Retailing space when it comes to leveraging DR tools in the dealership. While adaptation to DR tools has significantly increased, auto dealers are still under utilizing the tools. This session offers attendees a hands on lesson on how to best use the tools they have to most effectively impact their business. Through tips and strategies supported by real examples and real results, this session offers dealers solutions that drive improved results from their digital retailing platform. Tim shares a clear road map of what is working in some of the most successful dealerships in the country. Tim will talk about how exemplary DR service and a definitive direction differentiates the dealer from his /her competitor. Tim will also discuss how a host of new digital commerce tools are changing the landscape for consumers and dealers. This session will have dealers taking notes and writing down helpful tips that they can use right away. This is not a product sell. Tim is a high energy motivating speaker who will be a great addition to your conference. His energy will motivate those who aren’t using DR and enhance those who have DR platform and processes.

  • Hands on tips to use in a dealership.
  • An introduction of the latest high tech DR tools which bring commerce to the dealer consumer online interaction.
  • Hope to educate, motivate and engage dealers to use their tools effectively and efficiently.