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AIS 2020 Goes All Virtual — Registration for All Digital Access Now Open

The Auto Intel Summit has news for our 2020 audience!
The COVID 19 pandemic of 2020 has presented unprecedented challenges for the world — and for our industry. As such, we believe the best and smartest move at this time for the health and safety of our audience, speakers and team, is to transition AIS into a high-powered virtual offering for 2020. We will miss seeing you in person this year, as AIS has grown into a popular and valuable event. However, we’re excited about the opportunity to provide great content, interaction, value and networking through our AIS 2020 virtual offerings!

Here are some further details for AIS 2020 — an upcoming all-digital event: 

AIS 2020 Dates

AIS 2020 will be broken up into a variety of different offerings, giving our attendees valuable content spanning an entire month. Starting July 27th and running through August 28th, we will offer live keynotes, a large bank of workshops, and demos of the latest innovative products in fintech and digital retailing. Breaking this down further, AIS Part 1 will run the week of July 27th, and include six keynotes and panels with industry leaders, followed by AIS Part 2, the week of August 24th. Further, a library of workshops covering AIS’ 8 core topics will be released between events.
Registration for the virtual 2020 AIS Part 1 and Part 2 is open! Experience AIS from the comfort of your home office!
Registration: You have the option of registering for AIS Part 1 or 2 ($95 for individual events) or sign up for both at the discounted price of $150.
Thank you, as we navigate all the new updates and produce an even more valuable AIS 2020 event. We look forward to interacting and discussing the key challenges and opportunities in auto for 2020 with you across an entire month.” — Bill Zadeits, Chair, Auto Intel Summit
Our updated AIS 2020 agenda includes leaders from across the auto industry, including top dealers, fintech innovators, digital retailing experts and more. With names like the NCADA, GM Financial, J.D. Power, TD Auto Finance, AutoFi and many more populating the agenda, we are looking forward to launching discussions and forming new ideas focused on the future of auto beyond 2020.

Scott Mathis, CISO, RBC US

Here’s a rundown of some of the top live, virtual keynote sessions included across AIS Part 1 and Part 2:
  • Some GOOD Remarkable Financing: Despite having our world turned upside down, the auto financing industry was able to immediately respond to the quickly evolving circumstances brought on by the pandemic. Each key operational area – sales, credit, servicing, loss management and remarketing – adjusted and responded with a keen focus on the consumers’ needs. Now, buoyed with a stronger partnership with dealers, there is an unprecedented opportunity to pave new roads in the customer journey of buying and financing a vehicle. While it can be expected that there will be some thorny bumps and unexpected speed zones to navigate, the road ahead looks pretty good.
  • Stay Competitive by Utilizing DMA Data: In the post-coronavirus climate, transparency matters more than ever. Gain a leg up on the competition by tracking the sales and shopper trends in your unique DMA. Utilizing industry data keeps your finger on the pulse of increased shopper engagement, in-demand brands and models, and your overall sales progress compared to the greater market. Use this invaluable perspective to stay competitive, reach your audience, and utilize your marketing budget as you continue to ramp up inventory sales.

Alisha Buelt, Senior Vice President of Global Strategy, Acertus

  • Jump Starting Your Business After COVID-19: Jeremiah Wheeler, of DRN, will discuss the impacts of COVID-19 on auto collections and recoveries. With fewer cars on the road and more staying parked due to business closures and shelter-in-place orders, vehicle location data may be more accurate than ever. This can help lenders and recovery agents more efficiently locate borrowers and vehicles. In addition, DRN has used its exclusive data and analytics to study how borrowers have relocated during the shutdown. All of these powerful insights can play a meaningful role in our partners’ strategies as they plan to restart their businesses safely and effectively.
  • Today’s Auto Dealerships: Managing Disruption, Innovation and the Digital Marketplace: Learn more about this dealer panel session (the 2019 discussion was one of the top attended AIS sessions).
  • Auto Industry Outlook: Navigating a Challenging Landscape: The auto industry landscape has changed radically in the span of mere months. The ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic remains the single biggest challenge facing the global economy and the auto industry in generations. As the industry navigates the current environment, the focus will shift from one of lockdown and containment to reengagement and eventual recovery.  This session will assess the current state of affairs and discuss what we can expect going forward.
  • Auto Industry Venture Capital Fireside Chat — Exploring the 2020 Environment: Explore auto investing trends in a discussion led by Raleigh entrepreneur Scot Wingo, along with partners from some of North Carolina’s leading venture capital firms.
  • Leading the Auto-Finance Business into the Next Decade: Experience leads to growth. Growth proceeds leadership. And experienced leadership can provide key insight into the steps it takes to push auto fin companies to success — and what it takes to truly change the auto-finance landscape. Come learn from seasoned auto-finance experts from institutions like GM Financial, Wells Fargo, TD Auto Finance and more, to gain a full-perspective view on what to pay attention to and implement in auto finance.
  • Digital Retailing Panel: Moderated by AIS Conference Chair Bill Zadeits, featuring Market Scan President and Co-Founder Rusty West and friends.
  • The Auto Intel Council Explores the Edge of Auto Innovation: The Auto Intel Council is designed to provide the auto industry and its stakeholders with unique insights on key topics shaping the business. This year, AIS 2020 is capitalizing on this priceless insight for a panel discussion that includes the leading intelligence companies in the automotive space. Hear from experts navigating the present and strategizing on the future of auto. The council currently includes the following members: DRN, Equifax, IBM, KAR Global and MBSi Corp.
And here is a preview of some  of the industry leaders that will be presenting the 18+ workshops both AIS Part 1 and AIS Part 2 attendees will be privy to over the course of the month: 
  • Mike Buckingham, Managing Director, PIN Auto Finance, JD Power
  • Joe St. John, Head of Digital Retail, AutoFi
  • Scott Mathis, CISO, RBC US
  • Pratik Patel, founder and CEO, RideKleen
  •  Ryan Robinson, Global Automotive Research Leader, Deloitte
  • Alex Yurchenko, VP, Data Science, Black Book
  • Alisha Buelt, Senior Vice President of Global Strategy, Acertus
Stay tuned to for the latest AIS 2020 information and updates.
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Auto Intel Summit Podcasts Showcase the Event’s Breadth + Knowledge Base

The Auto Intel Summit, which is now open for virtual or on-site registration, is focused on eight core topics the team at Cherokee Media Group deemed needed further coverage in the industry. Those are compliance regulations, connectivity, mobility, digital retail, predictive analytics, investing + M&A, fintech solutions and economic forecast.

Seemingly constant innovation, disruption and technological advances instills a whirlwind atmosphere in the automotive sphere, and the Automotive Intelligence Summit seeks to provide answers to your questions about the future of the auto industry.

AIS gives you the opportunity to meet and connect with the intellectual capital that is critical to providing innovative solutions for the industry today and for decades to come.

Virtual registration open and available for AIS 2020!

If you’re trying to decide whether to attend AIS 2020 later this year, virtually or in-person, let the podcasts below help guide you. These are recordings from the AIS 2019 event in Raleigh, N.C., that ran as Auto Remarketing podcasts, and will give you a taste of what will be on the docket this year:

Abhishek Goel, Founder and CEO, Dasceq

PODCAST: Tackling recoveries & cybersecurity with advanced technology

A combination featuring a TED-style presentation from Jessie Herdrich from PAR North America about the intricacies of recoveries, immediately followed by a fireside chat with AIS chairman Bill Zadeits and Ryan Bachman, who is the senior vice president and chief global security officer at GM Financial.

Check out the full 2020 AIS agenda. 

PODCAST: Simple route for AI to boost collections

Collections certainly can be complicated for finance companies, but Dasceq founder and chief executive officer Abhishek Goel explained how leveraging artificial intelligence does not necessarily have to make the task even more complex.

Quin Garcia, Managing Director, Autotech Ventures

PODCAST: How leveraging startups can drive corporate innovation & profits

Zarif Haque, chief executive officer of DRAIVER, and Quin Garcia, managing director of Autotech Ventures discuss the auto startup market, as well as challenges and opportunities.

PODCAST: Smart Strategies for Auto Fintech Success

Next up is panel discussion on “Necessity is the Mother of Invention: How Legacy Companies and Startups Change and Innovate,” moderated by Alex Maritczak of EY. The panelists include Brian Donnelly of Chase Auto Finance, Trevor Gile of Motorcars Honda and Todd Weeks of AutoFi.

Is your interest piqued? See here for a full list of 2020 AIS speakers!

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Leading Dealer Panel Returns for Auto Intel Summit 2020

Last year, the Auto Intel Summit had an overwhelmingly positive response to its dealer panel led by North Carolina Automobile Dealers Association (NCADA) president Bob Glaser.

Bob Glaser, President, North Carolina Automobile Dealers Association (NCADA)

That’s why Glaser will be back this year, with a team of leading dealers set to discuss the future of auto retail amid a trying 2020. What’s next for dealerships? How has digital retailing evolved during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Virtual and on-site Registration is open for the 2020 Auto Intel Summit!

And the panel is already chock full of dealers from North Carolina that help lead some of the top dealer groups in the state.

The 2020 lineup shakes out like this:

  • Denise Branch, Corporate Counsel, Crossroads Automotive Group
  • Aaron Hudson, VP of Marketing and Technology, Anderson Automotive Group
  • Erick Kirks, Marketing Director, Johnson Automotive

This year’s panel discussion, “Today’s Auto Dealerships: Managing Disruption, Innovation and the Digital Marketplace,” will broach the latest developments amid a quickly changing auto-retail environment. The panelists will also look toward this coming year and what’s next for auto (aren’t we all looking toward 2021 at this point?) 

Denise Branch, Corporate Counsel, Crossroads Auto Group

In 2019, the NCADA panel was one of the highlights of the conference. The 2019 panel featured:

  • Chris Vester, COO, Hubert Vester Auto Group
  • Erick Kirks, Marketing Director, Johnson Automotive
  • Eric Flow, President of Management Services, Flow Automotive

Did you miss the 2019 AIS, but the dealer panel sparks interest in this year’s event? Don’t worry — we’ve got you covered.

The 2019 dealer panel was recorded and went live as an Auto Remarketing podcast, which can be found below:

Give it a listen. We are looking forward to hearing this year’s dealers discuss questions on everyone’s mind in auto retail. Namely … what’s the business going to look like in 2021? Check out this session and more via the full AIS 2020 agenda. 

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Back to Business — Exploring the Next Steps for Auto at AIS 2020

As borders continue to open, and Governors ease COVID-19 restrictions across the country, the Auto Intel Summit is looking toward late summer — and reconnecting with the event’s audience of industry leaders, auto innovators — and those taking the industry into the future.

That said, Cherokee Media Group is closely following concerns, regulations and updates on the COVID-19 pandemic. And our team is aware this news is evolving daily. (For those following the impact on the auto biz, the latest industry updates can be found here covered by Auto Remarketing.)

This year, on top of implementing a layered approach to health and safety precautions for the event set for August 17-19, AIS will also be offering registration for the on-site event at one flat rate this year, as well as a virtual option, which provides access to streaming keynotes and general sessions. Both registrations include access to on-demand workshops for 30 days following the event, as well.

The site of AIS 2020, the Raleigh Crabtree Valley Marriott.

“We are taking a layered approach to attendee safety, taking into account Cherokee Media Group’s standards, the Marriott’s policies and speaker and partner best practices, as well,” said Marilu McQuilkin, Senior Director, Events & Marketing, for Cherokee Media Group. “Our ultimate goal is to help our attendees and AIS participants feel comfortable and bring peace-of-mind to attending live events again.”

Learn more about the AIS in Advance digital event in July, to add more value to your AIS experience!

Here are some of the precautions Marriott and the Cherokee Media Group will be taking to ensure the health and safety of all participants in AIS 2020:

  • Frequent cleaning and sanitizing across the event venue throughout the three days, and between sessions, especially doorknobs, table tops, speaker mics, bathrooms, etc.
  • Allow for social distancing best practices, including widening aisles and providing adequate space between seats during sessions and for any areas where attendees will congregate
  • Provide convenient sanitization stations throughout the venue space
  • Food service modifications, including providing single-serve meals, and employee manned coffee and drink stations.
  • Issue best practices to attendees, including wearing masks, no shaking of hands and more logistics — prior to the event dates. Speakers and product demonstrators will also receive outlined instructions.
  • Efforts to limit touch points upon event arrival and registration
  • Access to information about rapid health service and medical aid

Once we get to mid-August, it’s also important for the CMG team, as well as any attendee, speaker or sponsor, to stop and do a health check, before attending the on-site event in Raleigh, N.C. The N.C. Department of Health and Human Services’ “Check my Symptoms” tool helps you check your symptoms online and determine if you will be recommended to be tested for COVID-19.

For further COVID-19 resource links nationally and local to the AIS on-site location — Raleigh, N.C. — see below:

Stay tuned to for the website launch registration on the new AIS in Advance virtual event, as well as any updates on AIS 2020 set for August.

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AIS to Cover the Future of Auto Innovation + New Virtual Offerings Available for 2020

It’s been a tumultuous spring season for most of the entire country and beyond — and of course, the challenges aren’t over. But with the “new normal” — coined for what we may be in store for as the coronavirus pandemic subsides — there may be new opportunities for the auto industry, as well.

Although staggering economic hardship has been felt all across the automotive biz in terms of physical store shutdowns, loss of sales, furloughs, layoffs and more, the industry is one that is constantly, shifting, adjusting, adapting — and innovating.

AIS 2020 early registration extended through July 17th! Save $400 off on-site registration.

And that’s what AIS 2020 aims to continue and spark, especially in this difficult environment.

And we are also aiming to provide even more value for our attendees. That’s why we are launching a new AIS virtual offering this year, adding even more fresh content from our expert speakers on the topics of digital retailing, fintech, the future of auto and more. AIS in Advance will run the week of July 11-17th. Registration and the agenda release for this new digital AIS offering is set to go live in mid-June — stay tuned!

And for a little sneak peek into the first AIS in Advance, here are some of the names we already have on the lineup for our first AIS virtual event:

  • Len Short, Chairman & CEO, LotLinx
  • Jeremiah Wheeler, Executive Vice President & General Manager, Fintech VP, DRN
  • Mike Wall, Executive Director, Automotive Analysis, IHS Markit
  • Chris Ciccone, Director of Content and Vehicle Data, Roadster
  • Cari Crane, Director, Industry Insights, ALG
  • Marguerite Watanabe, President, Connections Insights
  • Scot Wingo, CEO & Co-Founder, Get Spiffy, Inc.

These offerings from AIS top speakers will offer further, totally new + fresh content for attendees to absorb. Further, any AIS in Advance registration fees will go toward the AIS on-site event in Raleigh, N.C., set for August 17-19. 

Again, we will be sharing more information on this new, virtual offering in the coming weeks, including a registration launch!

In the meantime, don’t forget to take a second to look over the AIS agenda, which is full and ready for late summer.

Highlights from the 2020 on-site agenda include…

Keynotes and general sessions from experts at the following and more:

  • SAS
  • RBC US
  • Autotech Ventures
  • DRN

Have you heard about the new Auto Intel Summit Demo Dash Opportunity? Check out the details. 

Attendees will also be privy to a lineup of panels including fintech and digital retailing experts from:

  • NCADA association + leading dealer members
  • Wells Fargo Preferred Capital
  • GM Financial
  • PNC
  • Chase Auto
  • TD Auto Finance
  • Roadster
  • CreditIQ
  • TruDecision
  • Market Scan
  • PointPredictive

Also – don’t forget about the over 30 workshops we have on board for the upcoming event!

Stay tuned to for the website launch registration on the new AIS in Advance  virtual event, as well as any updates on AIS 2020 set for August.

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Cherokee Media Group, AIS announce 2020 Emerging 8 honorees

The Automotive Intelligence Summit is scheduled for August, and another eight companies are set to be honored as Cherokee Media Group hosts the Automotive Intelligence Summit, an auto industry event focused on fintech, digital retail, mobility and other elements of the auto tech evolution.

Cherokee Media Group, leveraging guidance from the Auto Intel Council and other industry leaders, released the second collection of honorees in the Emerging 8, an award program designed to honor new companies that aim to improve a specific aspect or aspects of the automotive industry through technology.

This year’s Emerging 8 include:

Cover Genius








The honorees include companies that are about 5 years old and in a growth phase.

While they may have had outside investment and multiple rounds of funding, they are pre-IPO and have not been started and/or acquired by a larger entity.

Along with being honored in the Automotive Intelligence Summit, which runs Aug. 17-19 in Raleigh, N.C., the Emerging 8 are profiled in this edition of Auto Fin Journal.

These exciting new companies are on the cusp of innovation in fintech development. They are all “on to something” that could turn the dial on their respective aspects of fintech.

“Each company has a unique offering and story that already resonate throughout the auto fintech and digital retailing worlds,” Cherokee Media Group president Bill Zadeits said.

“The Emerging 8 is set to be a significant part of the upcoming Automotive Intelligent Summit, which is designed to provide a setting for entrepreneurs and experts to gather so even more breakthrough ideas can germinate,” Zadeits added.

This post originally ran in the Auto Fin Journal online. 

For the latest information about the Automotive Intelligence Summit, stay tuned to www.autointelsummit and

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Auto Intel Summit Prepping for August Gathering of Leading Auto Minds in Raleigh

As we head toward the summer, we get ready to pass the original date of the 2020 Auto Intel Summit. But now that just means we have almost three more months to ensure our attendees are privy to the best possible speakers — and the safest environment possible.

As announced earlier in the spring, the 2020 Auto Intel Summit will now be held August 17-19, once again in Raleigh, N.C., at the Crabtree Valley Marriott. More details on the reschedule can be found here. 

Early bird registration for the Auto Intel Summit has been extended through July 17!

Cherokee Media Group, parent company of the Auto Intel Summit, responded to guidance from local and federal health experts, as well as other event teams about the heightening risk associated with the Coronavirus to reschedule the Automotive Intelligence Summit to later in the year.

Check out the full Auto Intel Summit agenda for 2020!

The Auto Intel Summit is already jam packed with content covering the event’s eight core topics, with a particular focus on fintech and digital retailing. On top of a number of panels and general sessions, the event will also include over 30 workshops to choose from, hosted by leaders from innovative companies like truPayments, CarNow, LotLinx, Roadster and many more.

To give you an idea of what topics are on tap for the 2020 event, here’s a little taste to pique your interest.

  • Leading the Auto-Finance Business into the Next Decade
  • The Perception and Reality for EVs in 2025
  • Car Dealers + Ride Sharing + Tech = Growth & Profits
  • Bridging the Gap Between Digital Marketing & Digital Retailing
  • The Auto Intel Council Explores the Edge of Auto Innovation
  • New Leaders in Fintech Dissect the New Decade

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, and it’s devastating impact in terms of loss of life and economic hardship, the auto industry — like most industries — are having to become even more creative and innovative to ensure success for their businesses, customers and their employees.

In the auto industry, much of this innovation has come in the form of further digitization, especially in the F&I office, and sales, as dealership physical doors were shuttered. That said, during the months of quarantine and social distancing,  many dealers have turned to the Web to keep their businesses running, further perfecting digital retailing and financing practices.

Stay tuned to the Auto Intel Summit for an exciting announcement in the next few weeks on a new virtual offering! 

Bob Glaser, President, North Carolina Automobile Dealers Association (NCADA)

Expect to learn more about this innovation and the ways the auto industry is rising to the occasion to still provide transportation options for Americans during these difficult times. One way AIS will continue this conversation is through a 2019 favorite panel, back for this year, led by the North Carolina Automobile Dealers Association’s (NCADA) president Bob Glaser. This year, the panel will once again feature leading dealers including:

  • Denise Branch, Corporate Counsel, Crossroads Automotive Group
  • Aaron Hudson, VP of Marketing and Technology, Anderson Automotive Group
  • Eric Kirks, Marketing Director, Johnson Automotive

Denise Branch, Corporate Counsel, Crossroads Auto Group

The Auto Intel Summit is also looking to announce a new virtual offering for the AIS audience preceding the on-site event. We look forward to sharing more about this added value for our AIS attendees in the coming weeks.

The safety of our speakers, attendees, team — and all who make an event like AIS successful — remain the top priority for Cherokee Media Group. All efforts to comply with social distancing and the advised safety measures will be implemented and communicated with our attendees. Stay tuned to for any further updates related to the COVID-19 outbreak.

For the latest information about the Automotive Intelligence Summit, stay tuned to www.autointelsummit and

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Auto Intel Summit 2020 shifts to August 17-19

Last week was a hectic one for many, as companies, event teams, sports franchises, universities and many more kept tabs on the latest developments and risks associated with COVID-19 — and made the necessary arrangements.

Cherokee Media Group, parent company of the Auto Intel Summit, responded to guidance from local and federal health experts, as well as other event teams about the heightening risk associated with the Coronavirus. As a result, we have decided to reschedule the Automotive Intelligence Summit to late this summer — August 17-19.

The safety of our speakers, attendees, team — and all who make an event like AIS successful — is of utmost importance to Cherokee Media Group.

As reported by Auto Remarketing, the event will still be help in the North Carolina capital, Raleigh — which is also beautiful in the late summer (and just a couple hours from the beach, if you can make time for a quick getaway after the event!) — it will just be shifting from the original timeframe of April 14-16 to later in the year.

Additional industry events making recent date modifications in light of health concerns included organizers of the Conference of Automotive Remarketing postponing the 2020 CAR Conference, originally scheduled for later this month in Las Vegas, and  the American Recovery Association moving the North American Repossessors Summit to the beginning of October.

All registrations, sponsorships and speakers for the Automotive Intelligence Summit will convey the new dates of Aug. 17-19.  In the case of any scheduling conflicts, Cherokee Media Group will work diligently with impacted individuals and companies to smooth challenges as much as possible.

All AIS hotel reservations made within the original Auto Intel Summit block will be automatically canceled. If you had a reservation, no need to call to cancel. We will be in touch shortly with a new link for reservations for August, with our original room rate.

See below for insight from Cherokee Media Group president Bill Zadeits and Marilu McQuilkin, Cherokee Media Group’s senior director of marketing and events, on the company’s methodology for making the move, plans — and ‘pledges’ — for AIS 2020: 

“I’d like to state clearly that the we are taking concerns about COVID-19 (commonly known as Coronavirus) very seriously,” Zadeits said. “The health and safety of our clients and their families, as well as our team and their families, is our top priority.

Bill Zadeits, Chair, Auto Intelligence Summit; President, Cherokee Media Group

“Our team is closely following the CDC’s official Interim Guidance for Event Planners and the PCMA’s (Professional Convention Management Association) COVID-19 resource page for the most accurate, relevant and updated information and will be making the necessary and appropriate changes for our event to ensure a safe and successful meeting for all of us,” he went on to say.

“Our team possessing more than a dozen years of wide-ranging experience ensures that we can navigate extreme challenges when hosting our industry-leading events,” said McQuilkin. “Our pledge is to orchestrate the Automotive Intelligence Summit with the same excellence the industry has come to know with our other events, including Auto Remarketing Canada, Women & Automotive and Used Car Week.”

Zadeits said, “We are excited about the great speaker lineup and energy that is building around this event, the new business opportunities, the new people we’ll meet and the new things we will all learn.”

For the latest information about the Automotive Intelligence Summit, stay tuned to www.autointelsummit and

Nick Zulovich, Senior Editor, Cherokee Media Group, contributed to this report. 

NCADA President, Top Dealers to Discuss ‘Disruption, Innovation and the Digital Marketplace’ at 2020 Auto Intel Summit

After AIS 2019, we received a lot of constructive and positive feedback from our over 230 attendees. Out of that feedback, I want to focus on one response vocalized from numerous AIS 2019 attendees in terms of the content that mattered the most to their businesses.

The dealer panel. The dealer panel. And … did we mention the North Carolina Automobile Dealers Association (NCADA) panel? That’s right. The 2019 NCADA-organized panel was led by  association President Bob Glaser, and included auto-retail leaders like Chris Vester, COO, Hubert Vester Auto Group; Erick Kirks, Marketing Director, Johnson Automotive; and Eric Flow, President of Management Services, Flow Automotive. And it was a big hit.

Register today to save on entry to Auto Intel Summit 2020!

The team at AIS directs our content every year toward what’s top of mind for our attendees. Consequently, AIS 2020 attendees will once again be privy to a spirited discussion between veteran auto dealers, on some of the key topics impacting auto retail today.

Denise Branch, Corporate Counsel, Crossroads Auto Group

Some of the same faces, plus other leaders in the North Carolina auto dealer elite, will be back for AIS 2020, come April 14-16.

Led once again by NCADA President Glaser, the 2020 dealer panel at AIS will explore “Today’s Auto Dealerships: Managing Disruption, Innovation and the Digital Marketplace.” 

Already confirmed for this timely session, with potentially more auto-retail experts to join are:

  • Denise Branch, Corporate Counsel, Crossroads Automotive Group 
  • Aaron Hudson, VP of Marketing and Technology, Anderson Automotive Group 
  • Eric Kirks, Marketing Director, Johnson Automotive

See the full AIS 2020 agenda here to help plan your spring visit to Raleigh!

In 2019, a group of top dealers at AIS discussed what the onset of digital retail means for the auto dealership, how stores are evolving to suit consumer desires in this respect, and delved into  how dealerships are using fintech and AI to improve their customers experience inside and outside of the physical dealership.

Bob Glaser, President, North Carolina Automobile Dealers Association (NCADA)

This year, NCADA leadership and top-selling dealers will gather to tackle the challenges and opportunities of a new decade. The panel members will cut through the noise, and hone in on the biggest disruptive and/or innovative tech, solutions and changes in auto retail.

Attend the Auto Dealer keynote panel at AIS, scheduled for 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 15th, to explore what’s next for the auto digital marketplace.

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Auto Intel Summit Core Topic Breakdown — What’s Top of Mind for Auto in 2020?

The Auto Intel Summit has always been about what’s next for auto.

That conversation began in 2018 — from Auto Remarketing and Subprime News senior editors, veteran auto event directors, leaders of CMG and more — there were key topics evolving fast, that needed covering.

From mobility and connectivity, to fintech solutions and digital retailing. Eight core topics were born. This blog post is simple. We want YOU to get a taste for what’s in store at AIS 2020. Then, we’ll let you make the decision. Do you need to be there?

Auto Intel Summit 2020 – A Core Topic Breakdown: 

Digital Retailing: We take a full-picture look at all the digital retailing educational offerings at AIS 2020. Digital retail experts confirmed for AIS include leaders like:

  • Michelle Denogean, CMO, Roadster; Len Short, Chairman & CEO, LotLinx; Tim Cox, VP, CarNow; Joe St. John, Head of Digital Retail, AutoFi; Keith Whetter, Vice President, Liquid Motors; Austin Ledgerwood, VP of Automotive Partnerships, Cover Genius; Bruce Thompson, Founder, CarOffer; Alisha Buelt, Senior Vice President of Global Strategy, Acertus and more.

Fintech solutions: Now, we are going to turn to cover another key topic that makes up the backbone of AIS: That’s fintech solutions. Fintech solutions workshop offerings were highlighted in a recent blog post. See below for a few panel keynotes that will be conducted at AIS 2020, and feature the latest in fintech solutions, as well:

  • Leading the Auto-Finance Business into the Next Decade
  • The Emerging 8 Talk Auto Biz Evolution — New Leaders in Fintech Dissect the New Decade

Compliance regulations: What’s next? With the explosion of big data and digital retailing and the consequent cybersecurity concerns growing, how can you protect yourself? Explore the current environment further with the following experts:

  • Mobility Models and Legal Speed Bumps; Jason McCarter, Partner, Eversheds Sutherland
  • Driving with Data: Redefining the Repo Roadmap; Justin Zane, President, RDN & Clearplan (this session will also provide analysis on related predictive analytics!

Brian Allan, Senior VP, Hyrecar

Mobility: How will we be getting from A to B, come 2030? We’re kind of interested. Hear more come April from …

  • Brian Allan, Senior VP, Hyrecar
  • Jim Bauman, Automotive Partnerships Lead, Uber; John Possumato, CEO, DriveItAway Inc.
  • Sean Behr, President, STRATIM
  • Zarif Haque, Chief Executive Officer, DRAIVER
  • Pratik Patel, founder and CEO, RideKleen

See the full AIS 2020 agenda. 


  • Welcome to the Decade of Vehicle 2.0: Scot Wingo, CEO & Co-Founder at Get Spiffy Inc., will explore, from connectivity and electrification to autonomy and shifting ownership models, the automotive industry is in the midst of unprecedented evolution. These four major waves of innovation are already overlapping, colliding and combining to create a mega-trend known as Vehicle 2.0. To progress through these waves of change, we look at where they currently are today and project where they will take us in the future.

Quin Garcia, Managing Director, Autotech Ventures

Investing + M&A:  What makes the fintech and auto innovation world go round? Great ideas, and of course well-placed funds, from Venture capital firms like the following, that are in the market for true potential and game-changers. Find out what auto VC firms are looking for,  and more from :

  • Quin Garcia, Managing Director, Autotech Ventures
  • Wayne Miller, Executive Director, Venture Center

Economic forecast: Whats in store for the next decade? Let the data analysts at the edge of auto answer that question for us:

  • U.S. Auto Sales, Financing and Used-Vehicle Insights; Mike Buckingham, Managing Director, PIN Auto Finance, J.D. Power
  • Recruit and Retain: Talent Matters; Bruce Martin, Founder & President, Broad & Pattison Automotive Search; Advisory Board Member, motormindz

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