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The Automotive Intelligence Summit 2020 Call For Speakers Launches Today

What do the next 10 years mean for the automotive industry — and for the evolving fintech leaders and experts on the edge of digital retail? The industry has a whole new frontier ahead of it, and we are all on the cusp of further innovation in auto.

The 2018 Automotive Intelligence Summit July 24-26 in Raleigh, NC.

The Auto Intel Summit is designed to bring together visionaries and their insights to help the auto industry answer the most pressing questions about its future.

Do you have answers, insights or strategies to share with our audience of auto leaders on the next horizon of automotive, this April 14-16 in Raleigh, N.C.?

If so, make sure to respond to the AIS 2020 Call for Speakers today, which just opened this morning!

AIS gives you the opportunity to meet and connect with the intellectual capital that is critical to providing innovative solutions for the industry today and for decades to come.

If your expertise broaches compliance and regulations, connectivity, mobility, digital retail, predictive analytics, investing and M&A, fintech solutions, or economic forecasting, then the 2020 Auto Intelligence Summit is the right event for you.

The event, previously held in July, is moving to April in 2020. So you can kick the first year off of the new decade this spring with a deep look at what’s next for automotive, and how you can stay up to speed — and remain competitive.

Enter your idea for AIS 2020! The Call for Speakers closes Monday, Jan. 31. 

We received a large number of responses to the 2019 AIS Call for Speakers, so make sure to get your name in the running early!

What is the next horizon of fintech tools? Where should you focus your cybersecurity efforts?  Do you want to separate the facts from fiction when it comes to digital retailing? Or perhaps you want to explore what’s turning the dial in auto with other industry peers? This is what the Auto Intel Summit is set up to do — to create an environment ripe for strategizing, innovation and meaningful discussion.

Need a sampling of what was top of mind at 2019 AIS before submitting your proposal? Check out the recording’s of some of  last year’s top sessions. 

AIS 2019 speakers included the following industry expert speakers, among many more:

  • Dinesh Chopra, Ally
  • Tim Cox, CarNow
  • Eric Flow, Flow Automotive Companies
  • Alex Fraser, Cox Automotive, PIVET
  • Bob Glaser,  NCADA
  • Nathan Hecht, Honcker
  • Lonnie Miller, SAS
  • Joe Oliveri, KAR Global
  • Mark Olson, PNC Bank
  • Ryan Robinson, Deloitte
  • Andrew Tai, MotoInsite
  • Mike Wall, IHS Markit
  • Jeremiah Wheeler, DRN

Be part of the @AutoIntelSummit 2020 conversation.