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AIS to Cover the Future of Auto Innovation + New Virtual Offerings Available for 2020

It’s been a tumultuous spring season for most of the entire country and beyond — and of course, the challenges aren’t over. But with the “new normal” — coined for what we may be in store for as the coronavirus pandemic subsides — there may be new opportunities for the auto industry, as well.

Although staggering economic hardship has been felt all across the automotive biz in terms of physical store shutdowns, loss of sales, furloughs, layoffs and more, the industry is one that is constantly, shifting, adjusting, adapting — and innovating.

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And that’s what AIS 2020 aims to continue and spark, especially in this difficult environment.

And we are also aiming to provide even more value for our attendees. That’s why we are launching a new AIS virtual offering this year, adding even more fresh content from our expert speakers on the topics of digital retailing, fintech, the future of auto and more. AIS in Advance will run the week of July 11-17th. Registration and the agenda release for this new digital AIS offering is set to go live in mid-June — stay tuned!

And for a little sneak peek into the first AIS in Advance, here are some of the names we already have on the lineup for our first AIS virtual event:

  • Len Short, Chairman & CEO, LotLinx
  • Jeremiah Wheeler, Executive Vice President & General Manager, Fintech VP, DRN
  • Mike Wall, Executive Director, Automotive Analysis, IHS Markit
  • Chris Ciccone, Director of Content and Vehicle Data, Roadster
  • Cari Crane, Director, Industry Insights, ALG
  • Marguerite Watanabe, President, Connections Insights
  • Scot Wingo, CEO & Co-Founder, Get Spiffy, Inc.

These offerings from AIS top speakers will offer further, totally new + fresh content for attendees to absorb. Further, any AIS in Advance registration fees will go toward the AIS on-site event in Raleigh, N.C., set for August 17-19. 

Again, we will be sharing more information on this new, virtual offering in the coming weeks, including a registration launch!

In the meantime, don’t forget to take a second to look over the AIS agenda, which is full and ready for late summer.

Highlights from the 2020 on-site agenda include…

Keynotes and general sessions from experts at the following and more:

  • SAS
  • RBC US
  • Autotech Ventures
  • DRN

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Attendees will also be privy to a lineup of panels including fintech and digital retailing experts from:

  • NCADA association + leading dealer members
  • Wells Fargo Preferred Capital
  • GM Financial
  • PNC
  • Chase Auto
  • TD Auto Finance
  • Roadster
  • CreditIQ
  • TruDecision
  • Market Scan
  • PointPredictive

Also – don’t forget about the over 30 workshops we have on board for the upcoming event!

Stay tuned to for the website launch registration on the new AIS in Advance  virtual event, as well as any updates on AIS 2020 set for August.

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AIS 2020 Agenda Revealed: Over 30 Workshops + Focus on Digital Retail, Fintech

The team at AIS is pumped to start the week, because we just pushed our 2020 agenda live at, featuring over 30 workshops for attendees to choose from.

Early bird registration for the Auto Intel Summit, April 14-16 in Raleigh, N.C., is open through March 1. And the event will explore everything from the latest fintech solutions (stay tuned for more information on the Auto Intel Demo Dash coming to AIS this spring) to the latest technology, strategies and insight on the auto digital retail frontier.

In the coming weeks, we will be dissecting our agenda and honing in on different topics,  in hopes of maximizing your time at the upcoming event.

AIS Workshops in Focus

At AIS, as we first release our agenda, we already have upwards of 10 workshops, general sessions and panels that focus specifically on the latest in digital retail. So, that seemed like a logical place to start!

See the full lineup of AIS 2020 speakers, and where you an find them on the spring event agenda.

Here is the lineup of Digital Retail workshops on the agenda for AIS 2020:

  • The ROI of Digital Retailing; Michelle Denogean, CMO, Roadster
  • Retail Automotive: The Rise of the Machines; Len Short, Chairman & CEO, LotLinx

Len Short, Chairman & CEO, LotLinx

  • Bridging the Gap Between Digital Marketing & Digital Retailing; Tarry Shebesta, CEO, truPayments
  • DR: Your Direction Determines Your Destination!; Tim Cox, VP, CarNow
  • Selling cars in 2030: what you do today matters; Joe St. John, Head of Digital Retail, AutoFi
  • Automating Multi-List Platforms; Keith Whetter, Vice President, Liquid Motors
  • Digital Dealerships Signal a New Era in CX; Austin Ledgerwood, VP of Automotive Partnerships, Cover Genius
  • Leveraging the Power of Automation; Kalah McCoy, VP, ReconVelocity

Alisha Buelt, Senior Vice President of Global Strategy, Acertus

  • The Innovation Renovation of Wholesale; Bruce Thompson, Founder, CarOffer
  • Digitizing the Last Mile to Meet Evolving Customer Expectations; Alisha Buelt, Senior Vice President of Global Strategy, Acertus

See the full AIS 2020 agenda for content on fintech solutions, connectivity, mobility, investment in the auto space and more.

And stay tuned for more ‘Workshops Topics in Focus’ as you prepare for your AIS experience. Fintech solutions is up next, with content from companies like, Connections Insights, Agora Data, EpiAnalytics and more.

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Counting Down to #AutoIntelSummit — 2 Weeks to Go

The July 4 holiday is over, and we’re back at work. But in just two weeks, the team at AIS will give you another excuse to get out of the office.

Yep, that’s right; AIS 2019 will kick off in Raleigh on July 23 for three days of education, networking and discussions designed to paint a picture of the future of auto.

That’s why we are taking the time to highlight what we see as some of the top reasons to attend the conference.

If you are already considering attending AIS, register now to save $200 off of on-site registration!

Networking with the best: If you have scrolled through our agenda, you’re already aware that our speakers alone offer some pretty impressive networking opportunities. But, have you seen our attendee list yet? Think leaders from companies like GM Financial, FICO, Equifax, PAR North America, DRAIVER, PNC Bank, Deloitte and more. Our event brings together expert speakers and attendees from across the auto industry, creating unique networking opportunities across the three-day span. Sponsors on site include Ally, Acxiom, Carolinas Credit Union League, DRN, IHS Markit, Jornaya, MBSi Corp., the North Carolina Automobile Dealers Association, KAR Auction Services, Wells Fargo, IBM and many more. (See the full list of AIS 2019 sponsors.)   Networking breaks in the Crabtree Marriott’s Crabtree and Glenwood Foyers sprinkled throughout each day of the event offer ample time to make lasting, beneficial business connections. And I can’t forget to mention our two-hour receptions held to close out the days on both Tuesday and Wednesday.

AIS on-site tech: Are you registered yet? Access the full agenda, and learn more about this year’s speakers and sponsors by downloading the Auto Intel Summit mobile app. Get Automotive Intelligence Summit in your hand! Find agendas, speakers, locations, sponsors and more on the mobile app. Here’s how:  Download the CrowdCompass AttendeeHub app. To find our event, search for “Automotive Intelligence Summit.” And then, attendees need only verify your account to unlock all the app features. On-site Wi-fi will also make your networking and business connections at AIS more effective!

View the AIS 2019 attendee list to plan your #AutoIntelSummit connections.

Educational opportunities abound: What makes an industry conference stand out? Most in the event industry, or our past attendees, would likely agree: the content. The AIS agenda will deliver the opportunity to connect with leading minds within the automotive, auto-finance and transportation-related industries, and provide you with the best intelligence, data and analysis available. Hear from experts on the edge of digital retailing technology like CarNow and MotoInsight, as well as cybersecurity experts dissecting consumer privacy from GM Financial and the Federal Trade Commission. We will also have Mary Ross, Co-Author of the California Consumer Privacy Act, on site to discuss one of the first data privacy laws on the books at the state level. Need more inspiration? Check out our full agenda here, as well as our complete speaker lineup.

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Auto Intel Summit adds Flow, Johnson & Hubert Vester Dealer Groups to Digital Retail Panel

digital retailing

Next month’s Automotive Intelligence Summit will have at least three of North Carolina’s most well-known and digitally savvy dealership groups on hand for a panel on “Auto Dealerships & The Digital Revolution: What’s Next?”

The session, moderated by North Carolina Automobile Dealers Association president Bob Glaser, will include:

  • Eric Flow, President of Management Services, Flow Automotive Companies​
  • Erick Kirks, Marketing Director, Johnson Automotive
  • Chris Vester, COO, Hubert Vester Auto Group
  • Potentially more

The session will delve into the digital revolution in the auto industry and what it means for dealerships.

It will examine how dealers are evolving to address the digital retailing needs of their customers, while also focusing on how dealerships are using fintech to improve their customers experience inside and outside of the physical dealership.

The panel is set for 1:45 p.m. (ET) on July 24.

It was announced last month that NCADA had joined the Auto Intel Summit as an industry partner.

Learn from the companies driving the future of auto. Save today with AIS 2019 Early Bird Registration, which ends this Friday!

“The Automotive Intelligence Summit will cover the most important emerging issues facing our industry today,” Glaser, the NCADA president, said. “Therefore, we are excited to support it and offer our members a chance to interact with and learn from the some of the most notable names in the industry.”

The association said the partnership with the Auto Intel Summit is a reflection of its commitment to offering members the most current educational and professional development opportunities available in the industry.

Bob Glaser, President, North Carolina Automobile Dealers Association (NCADA)

Amid the onset of digital retailing, a plethora of new fintech tools available and the potential for machine learning and AI to automate processes within their business, there is plenty for dealers to consider. In fact, one of the focuses of AIS 2019 is the evolution of digital retailing.

The agenda will also include various other angles on the evolution of digital retail presented during the three days of the second annual AIS. See a snapshot below:

  • Separating the Facts from Fiction: Andrew Tai, CEO at MotoIsight, says his goal during his keynote “is to help dealers better understand the wave of change that is already upon us, but also navigate how to take advantage of it.”
  • The Future of the Automotive Experience — How Unification of Technology Drives the Right Customer Journey; Craig Sims, VP, Automotive Solutions, EquifaxThis session will help attendees see how today’s digital retailing tools are helping to create unification in an effort to drive the most successful customer journey.

Craig Sims, VP, Automotive Solutions, Equifax

  • DR: Your Direction Determines Your Destination: The big buzzwords in automotive right now are “digital retailing”. OEMs and dealers alike are trying to navigate this new world. Tim Cox, Co-Founder at CarNow, shares a clear road map of what is working in some of the most successful dealerships in the country.
  • PeteMacInnis, Founder and CEO, eLEND Solutions, will tackle the following question: Is Digital Retailing Promising More Than It Can Deliver?
  • Digital Retailing and the role of FinTech; Tarry Shebesta, CEO, truPayments: Dealers, OEMs, lenders, credit bureaus, and technology providers are all jockeying for a winning position. Place your bets, and get ready for a spirited interactive discussion from session attendees.

See full descriptions for sessions and the AIS 2019 agenda here. 

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Auto Remarketing editor Joe Overby contributed to this blog post.