Auto Intel Summit Podcasts Showcase the Event’s Breadth + Knowledge Base

The Auto Intel Summit, which is now open for virtual or on-site registration, is focused on eight core topics the team at Cherokee Media Group deemed needed further coverage in the industry. Those are compliance regulations, connectivity, mobility, digital retail, predictive analytics, investing + M&A, fintech solutions and economic forecast.

Seemingly constant innovation, disruption and technological advances instills a whirlwind atmosphere in the automotive sphere, and the Automotive Intelligence Summit seeks to provide answers to your questions about the future of the auto industry.

AIS gives you the opportunity to meet and connect with the intellectual capital that is critical to providing innovative solutions for the industry today and for decades to come.

Virtual registration open and available for AIS 2020!

If you’re trying to decide whether to attend AIS 2020 later this year, virtually or in-person, let the podcasts below help guide you. These are recordings from the AIS 2019 event in Raleigh, N.C., that ran as Auto Remarketing podcasts, and will give you a taste of what will be on the docket this year:

Abhishek Goel, Founder and CEO, Dasceq

PODCAST: Tackling recoveries & cybersecurity with advanced technology

A combination featuring a TED-style presentation from Jessie Herdrich from PAR North America about the intricacies of recoveries, immediately followed by a fireside chat with AIS chairman Bill Zadeits and Ryan Bachman, who is the senior vice president and chief global security officer at GM Financial.

Check out the full 2020 AIS agenda. 

PODCAST: Simple route for AI to boost collections

Collections certainly can be complicated for finance companies, but Dasceq founder and chief executive officer Abhishek Goel explained how leveraging artificial intelligence does not necessarily have to make the task even more complex.

Quin Garcia, Managing Director, Autotech Ventures

PODCAST: How leveraging startups can drive corporate innovation & profits

Zarif Haque, chief executive officer of DRAIVER, and Quin Garcia, managing director of Autotech Ventures discuss the auto startup market, as well as challenges and opportunities.

PODCAST: Smart Strategies for Auto Fintech Success

Next up is panel discussion on “Necessity is the Mother of Invention: How Legacy Companies and Startups Change and Innovate,” moderated by Alex Maritczak of EY. The panelists include Brian Donnelly of Chase Auto Finance, Trevor Gile of Motorcars Honda and Todd Weeks of AutoFi.

Is your interest piqued? See here for a full list of 2020 AIS speakers!

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NCADA President, Top Dealers to Discuss ‘Disruption, Innovation and the Digital Marketplace’ at 2020 Auto Intel Summit

After AIS 2019, we received a lot of constructive and positive feedback from our over 230 attendees. Out of that feedback, I want to focus on one response vocalized from numerous AIS 2019 attendees in terms of the content that mattered the most to their businesses.

The dealer panel. The dealer panel. And … did we mention the North Carolina Automobile Dealers Association (NCADA) panel? That’s right. The 2019 NCADA-organized panel was led by  association President Bob Glaser, and included auto-retail leaders like Chris Vester, COO, Hubert Vester Auto Group; Erick Kirks, Marketing Director, Johnson Automotive; and Eric Flow, President of Management Services, Flow Automotive. And it was a big hit.

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The team at AIS directs our content every year toward what’s top of mind for our attendees. Consequently, AIS 2020 attendees will once again be privy to a spirited discussion between veteran auto dealers, on some of the key topics impacting auto retail today.

Denise Branch, Corporate Counsel, Crossroads Auto Group

Some of the same faces, plus other leaders in the North Carolina auto dealer elite, will be back for AIS 2020, come April 14-16.

Led once again by NCADA President Glaser, the 2020 dealer panel at AIS will explore “Today’s Auto Dealerships: Managing Disruption, Innovation and the Digital Marketplace.” 

Already confirmed for this timely session, with potentially more auto-retail experts to join are:

  • Denise Branch, Corporate Counsel, Crossroads Automotive Group 
  • Aaron Hudson, VP of Marketing and Technology, Anderson Automotive Group 
  • Eric Kirks, Marketing Director, Johnson Automotive

See the full AIS 2020 agenda here to help plan your spring visit to Raleigh!

In 2019, a group of top dealers at AIS discussed what the onset of digital retail means for the auto dealership, how stores are evolving to suit consumer desires in this respect, and delved into  how dealerships are using fintech and AI to improve their customers experience inside and outside of the physical dealership.

Bob Glaser, President, North Carolina Automobile Dealers Association (NCADA)

This year, NCADA leadership and top-selling dealers will gather to tackle the challenges and opportunities of a new decade. The panel members will cut through the noise, and hone in on the biggest disruptive and/or innovative tech, solutions and changes in auto retail.

Attend the Auto Dealer keynote panel at AIS, scheduled for 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, April 15th, to explore what’s next for the auto digital marketplace.

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Auto Intel Demo Dashes to Debut at AIS 2020 in April — Is Your Tech a Good Fit?

It’s a new decade, so obviously, the team at the Auto Intel Summit thought it would be a great time to launch a new offering at our 2020 Raleigh event this April 14-16.

But there’s more thought to the timing behind the launch of the Auto Intel Demo Dash than just that!

There seems to be a new auto technology hitting the digital news stands every day – or more than once a day. New developments in fintech. The latest online auto retail solutions. The new digital tool in the wholesale arena — and much more.

The Auto Intel Summit is helping bring together some of the leaders from the companies behind what the AIS team and industry peers and partners think are some of the latest and greatest tools and solutions on the market.

Early Reg for AIS ends on March 6. Don’t wait, and register today!

But don’t worry — don’t think 30-minute sales pitch; but rather, a demo, bringing forward highlights of technologies that could solve key pinpoints in your particular sector … in less time than it takes to get a coffee and snack in between sessions (5 to 7 minutes, would you say?) . These demos are designed to be rapid-fire, concise and demonstrative.

Each 30-minute Demo Dash slot, sprinkled across the three days of AIS 2020, will showcase four new solutions and/or technologies working to simplify and streamline areas of auto like digital retail, fintech solutions, mobility and more.

With these live demos, we are confident the AIS audience will walk away with info not only on the latest trends, strategies and insight shaping the auto industry today — but also with a window into some of the latest technology in this highly impactful slice of the economy.

So, why would you invest your time, energy and money into an Auto Intel Demo Dash?

Maybe your company just launched a new fintech solution you’re looking to get in front of a large audience — especially one full of decision makers. Or maybe your new digital retailing offering is going to radically change the auto landscape, and it’s time to share the news with the industry.

Each Auto Intel Demo Dash presenter has a total of 7 minutes to convey the value of their product or new technology to the AIS audience.

Whether you are just launching a new solution, or you made a breakthrough in your already well-respected software offering, this general session audience opportunity at AIS reaches high-level execs gathered to specifically learn more about the latest innovation in the auto biz.

Speaking of audience, did we mention each Demo is presented on the AIS main stage? Last year,  over 230 leaders from across the auto industry attended AIS.

Our advice? Bring your C-level execs — your stand-out stars —  and highlight the points that make YOUR new solution or technology stand out from the pack. Then, it’s up to our audience members to decide whether your tech + innovation is the best fit for their business.

For more information on securing your Demo Slot at the spring event, see the Auto Intel Demo Dash 2020 Application, and tell us more about why your demo should make it to the stage!

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The Automotive Intelligence Summit 2020 Call For Speakers Launches Today

What do the next 10 years mean for the automotive industry — and for the evolving fintech leaders and experts on the edge of digital retail? The industry has a whole new frontier ahead of it, and we are all on the cusp of further innovation in auto.

The 2018 Automotive Intelligence Summit July 24-26 in Raleigh, NC.

The Auto Intel Summit is designed to bring together visionaries and their insights to help the auto industry answer the most pressing questions about its future.

Do you have answers, insights or strategies to share with our audience of auto leaders on the next horizon of automotive, this April 14-16 in Raleigh, N.C.?

If so, make sure to respond to the AIS 2020 Call for Speakers today, which just opened this morning!

AIS gives you the opportunity to meet and connect with the intellectual capital that is critical to providing innovative solutions for the industry today and for decades to come.

If your expertise broaches compliance and regulations, connectivity, mobility, digital retail, predictive analytics, investing and M&A, fintech solutions, or economic forecasting, then the 2020 Auto Intelligence Summit is the right event for you.

The event, previously held in July, is moving to April in 2020. So you can kick the first year off of the new decade this spring with a deep look at what’s next for automotive, and how you can stay up to speed — and remain competitive.

Enter your idea for AIS 2020! The Call for Speakers closes Monday, Jan. 31. 

We received a large number of responses to the 2019 AIS Call for Speakers, so make sure to get your name in the running early!

What is the next horizon of fintech tools? Where should you focus your cybersecurity efforts?  Do you want to separate the facts from fiction when it comes to digital retailing? Or perhaps you want to explore what’s turning the dial in auto with other industry peers? This is what the Auto Intel Summit is set up to do — to create an environment ripe for strategizing, innovation and meaningful discussion.

Need a sampling of what was top of mind at 2019 AIS before submitting your proposal? Check out the recording’s of some of  last year’s top sessions. 

AIS 2019 speakers included the following industry expert speakers, among many more:

  • Dinesh Chopra, Ally
  • Tim Cox, CarNow
  • Eric Flow, Flow Automotive Companies
  • Alex Fraser, Cox Automotive, PIVET
  • Bob Glaser,  NCADA
  • Nathan Hecht, Honcker
  • Lonnie Miller, SAS
  • Joe Oliveri, KAR Global
  • Mark Olson, PNC Bank
  • Ryan Robinson, Deloitte
  • Andrew Tai, MotoInsite
  • Mike Wall, IHS Markit
  • Jeremiah Wheeler, DRN

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Furthering Auto Innovation: A Thank You to Our AIS 2019 Attendees, Speakers & Partners

The second-ever Automotive Intelligence Summit is in the books. Last week, Cherokee Media Group hosted over 230 leaders across the auto industry, from digital retailing and cybersecurity experts, to some of the greatest minds in fintech and auto finance.

Once again, attendees and speakers convened at the Crabtree Marriott in N.C.’s capital (thankfully, just days after one of the worst heat waves in years broke and ushered in weather mild for N.C. summers).

It might have been cooling off outside, but things were heating up last week at the AIS conference, as attendees and expert speakers discussed some of the most pressing challenges and opportunities in auto.

Part of the reason Cherokee Media Group orchestrates events such as AIS is so companies can have a venue for dialogue that can result in partnerships like this.

Further, as mentioned by conference Chair Bill Zadeits prior to the event — the conference is also designed to “move the dial” forward on the auto industry.

“What’s next? And how do we get there? These are the issues we need to address as an industry, and the questions we need to answer.” Zadeits said. “And that’s just what happened at this year’s event.”

Session attendees at the Automotive Intelligence Summit, July 23-25, 2019, at the Marriott in Raleigh, NC.

Panels with leaders from Wells Fargo, EY, the North Carolina Automobile Dealers Association (NCADA), Ally, the Federal Trade Commission and many more dotted the event, and discussed key topics to the auto industry such as:

  • The next horizon of fintech
  • The use of AI in auto loan collections
  • How legacy companies and start ups change and innovate
  • The changing world of customer experience
  • Auto dealerships and digital retailing
  • The importance of data privacy

If you didn’t get to attend this year, but this post piques your interest (or a 2019 attendee came back to the office and told you all he or she learned) make sure to check out the following resources from our 2019 event to learn more about the Automotive Intelligence Summit and it’s mission. We hope to see you next year, April 2020, once again in Raleigh, N.C.:

Make sure to follow Auto Remarketing and the Auto Fin Journal for the latest on fintech, digital retailing and more.

  • The AIS 2019 agenda featured just under 20 unique workshops, four panel general sessions, two Auto Intel Snapshots (10-15 minutes presentations designed to provide easy takeaways) and five keynote presentations, including presentations from Quin Garcia, Managing Director, Autotech Ventures;  Mike Wall, Director, Automotive Analysis, IHS Markit; Andrew Tai, CEO, MotoInsight and more.
  • AIS 2019 speakers included leaders from legacy companies such as Deloitte and EY, as well as new innovators like digital retailing companies MotoInsight and CarNow. There were over 50  speakers at AIS 2019.
  • The AIS 2019 attendee list is a great tool to discover who to expect to see at AIS events, as well as provides an example of the networking potential at events like this one. Even if you didn’t attend this year, check out our public attendee list above.  AIS attendees have the added benefit of being privy during, and post-event to a password-protected attendee list including contact information to aid in forming future business relationships. The three largest groups of attendees for AIS 2019 included professionals from Auto Finance Companies, Franchised Dealers, and Auto-Industry Vendors.

Keep the @AutoIntelSummit conversation going throughout 2019! And stay tuned to news from the AIS team regarding a 2020 Call for Speakers and more.

Auto Intel Summit 2019 Speaker Lineup Packed with Auto Innovators, Change Agents

We are one week out from AIS 2019 — and our speaker lineup is complete.

It’s packed with professionals and executives from companies and institutions known throughout the auto industry and beyond, like Equifax, GM Financial, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, the Federal Trade Commission, IHS Markit and more.

From the CEOs of startups changing the face of the auto industry, to some of the country’s brightest venture capital specialists, our speaker lineup reaches across all facets of the auto biz, and intersecting industries.

Check out the AIS 2019 full speaker lineup. And don’t worry — there’s still time to register and save!

Mike Wall, Director, Automotive Analysis, IHS Markit

Need insight on how tech startups will impact the auto industry? Quin Garcia, Managing Director at Autotech Ventures, is your guy.

Curious about where digital retailing is heading and how it’s going to impact the auto biz? Andrew Tai, CEO at MotoInsight, has got you covered.

Or how about the latest in fintech? The opening panel at AIS 2019 will cover just that, and features Sharon Mancero, Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo Preferred Capital; Dinesh Chopra, Chief Strategy Officer, Ally Financial; and Mark Olson, Senior VP of Dealer Finance at PNC Bank.

Quin Garcia, Managing Director, Autotech Ventures

And if you are in the market for an economic overview and big-picture take on industry? Mike Wall, Director, Automotive Analysis at IHS Markit, will offer a high-level economic review and outlook for global sales, as well as a deeper dive discussion of IHS Markit’s U.S. light vehicle sales outlook and discussion of powertrain/technology/mobility trends.

You get the idea. We mined the auto industry and beyond to gather some of the most innovative minds in auto together — those who are on the front lines of industry change and evolution.

Learn more about AIS’ 8 core topics —   compliance regulations, connectivity, mobility, digital retail, predictive analytics, investing + M&A, fintech solutions, and economic forecast— through the lens of those defining their respective niches in the auto biz.

Check out our full agenda here, as well as our complete speaker lineup.

And, if that convinces you to attend (we think it might), don’t wait to register. We are just one week out from AIS 2019, and rates go up $200 for on-site registration!

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