Demo Dash


It’s a new decade, and new fintech solutions, technology and breakthroughs are hitting the auto market at a rapid pace. This year, to cut through some of the noise, the Auto Intel Summit is launching a new offering on our agenda!

This year, Auto Intel Demo Dashes will provide the leading companies in fintech, digital retailing and beyond, a chance to demo their best and latest products in front of a high-level, tech-minded auto audience full of decision makers. And our audience gets to walk away with info not only on the latest trends, strategies and insight shaping the auto industry today — but also with a window into some of the latest technology stemming from auto.

Interested in securing your company a Demo Dash slot at the upcoming August 17-19 AIS 2020 in Raleigh, N.C.? Read on.

What’s the goal? Why invest in an Auto Intel Demo Dash?
Maybe your company just launched a new fintech solution you’re looking to get in front of a large audience — especially one full of decision makers. Or maybe your new digital retailing offering is going to radically change the auto landscape, and it’s time to share the news with the industry. Whether you are just launching a new solution or you made a breakthrough in your already well-respected software offering, an Auto Intel Demo Dash gives you the opportunity to reach a high-level audience gathered to specifically learn more about the latest innovation in the auto biz.

How long is a Demo Dash?
Each Demo presenter has a total of 7 minutes to convey the value of their product or new technology to the AIS audience. These are designed to be rapid-fire, concise and demonstrative. Highlight the points that make YOUR new solution or technology stand out from the pack.

What kind of audience will I have for my Demo Dash?
Auto Intel Demo Dashes are a main-stage event, with no concurrent breakouts. You will have the attention of the full Auto Intel Summit audience. In 2019, over 230 leaders from across the auto industry attended AIS. That included everyone from digital retailing and cybersecurity experts to some of the greatest minds in fintech and auto finance.

What is the AIS team looking for? What are the expectations?
The AIS team is looking for companies on the edge of innovation in the auto sector that are bringing solutions to market that will change or improve the way the auto industry works. Each Demo Dash presenter will be expected to keep their demo under 7 minutes. Each 30-minute Demo Dash session will include four Demos. Demos are expected to be informative and explain how your solution works. If given a clear picture, attendees are much more likely to consider how YOUR solution might suit their business.

What is the AIS team NOT looking for?
We do not want a workshop disguised as a Demo. There is a separate call for speakers for educational workshops, which each run 30 minutes long. And we also don’t want to just hear about what makes your company great. Our audience wants product demos that show them the nuts and bolts of a new technology or solution, and how it works. Then, they can decide whether they want to follow up, and whether your tech is a good fit for their business.

Ready to apply for an Auto Intel Demo Dash?
For more information on securing your Demo Slot at the spring event, see the Auto Intel Demo Dash 2020 Application, and tell us more about why your demo should make it to the stage.