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This year, Auto Intel Demo Dashes will provide the leading tech companies in auto a chance to demo their best and latest products in front of a high-level, tech-minded auto audience full of decision makers. Please fill out the following form to apply for a Demo Dash slot at the upcoming August 17-19 AIS 2020 in Raleigh, N.C.

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    Tell us a little bit about where your company is in terms of growth stage. Are you a publicly-traded company or a start-up? Are you looking to expand, or are you established and looking to innovate? Tell us where your company stands in the auto landscape.*

    Please share any further information about your company in this section. Relevant items to the Auto Intel Summit decisioning process include things like investments and investors, revenue estimates, number of employees and/or customers, and any history of collaboration and product releases in the automotive market.*

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    What would your company like to demo and why? Describe the product, technology or solution, and provide key highlights. This is your time to wow us!*

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    Will you need to use any special equipment for your demo other than a laptop, tablet, or mobile phone?*


    Who within your company do you intend to have demo your product? High-level, and C-level executives will likely be most well received by the AIS audience.*

    What makes your company stand out in the highly competitive auto market? Why should your demo hit the AIS stage?*

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    In 50 words or less, please provide a statement that lets our attendees know who you are, what you are bringing to the market, and what pain points it's going to address. If your session is chosen, this material will be used to market your demo.

    Before completing this application for the 2020 Auto Intel Demo Dash, please review and check the box to agree to adhere to the following framework:

    The Auto Intel Demo Dash is a 7-minute slot designed for paid demos that highlight key elements of new fintech and auto solutions. These presentations are for live demos only, and do not include sales pitches, slides or videos.