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The Commercial Vehicle Ecosystem Opportunity

So much is written about the automotive business, but most is focused on the retail side…but neglecting the commercial side is a costly mistake given that it is over a $1.5 trillion industry. We’ll discuss the challenges of B2B sales/service and also present solutions to help capitalize on the significant revenue opportunities. Building on the foundation of ten years of data, attendees will also come away with a historical perspective along with future forecasts.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Defining the commercial buyer – how they are different in their searching, buying and vehicle servicing needs
  • Understanding how the right tools and partners will positively impact your bottom line
  • Tips for getting started in the B2B space

The Dumbest Wars of All Time

History is littered with some truly dumb wars: The Pastry War, The War of Jenkin’s Ear, and The Opium Wars to name a few. Join TradePending CMO Matthew Davis as he takes a brief trip to explore this nonsense, and then shed light on the current dumb war taking place on dealer’s websites: The CTA War.

Yes, just as dumb as all of those other wars, maybe even dumber, software vendors are competing to take over the call-to-action buttons on a dealer’s website. The trade-in tools, the chat tools, and the digital retailing tools all lay claim to this valuable real estate, often at the expense of the end user.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Learn what’s at stake and why this war even exists 
  • How to take a step back and view the situation objectively and set the right goals 
  • Deliver the best user experience.

Perpetual Search engines change the digital rules

As AI transforms the internet from websites we surf to a massive database we queue the old rules of digital marketing breakdown. The days of buying traffic, managing websites, and digital campaigns are number. With new powerful tools like ChatGPT and perpetual search engines consumer need not navigate the internet any longer, but merely as their tool of choice to find what they need and curate the information for them.

At the same time that new privacy laws and the removal of 3rd party tracking are making digital marketing less effective and more costly these new tools come along just in time to deliver a better consumer experience, more cost efficiency, and an always on consumer connection.

This session explores AI’s disruption of the internet and its impact and promise.

Key Takeaways: 

  • What new technologies are quickly disrupting digital marketing as we know it.
  • What new challenges and new opportunities they create.
  • How to utilize this new tools to optimize digital performance and sales and service.

Predicting Loan Behavior with Vehicle History Data

Vehicle history is predictive of loan performance. Incorporating vehicle history, such as prior damage, ownership history, and reliability and repair data into the lending process helps lenders make more informed decisions with greater confidence. Considering vehicle history during the entire lifecycle of a loan becomes more critical than ever as inventory continues to return, vehicle values lower and loan terms rise. This session will discuss the importance of using vehicle history data to make underwriting decisions, evaluate a loan’s propensity for default, and how lenders are actively incorporating this into their processes.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Incorporating vehicle history into loan underwriting processes helps lenders make more informed decisions with greater confidence.
  • In these volatile economic times, considering vehicle history during the entire lifecycle of a loan becomes more critical than ever as inventory continues to return, vehicle values lower and loan terms rise.
  • The inclusion of vehicle history does not require additional manual work – consideration can be completely automated and embedded seamlessly into current processes.

Executive Insight: Future of Modern Auto Retail

Executive discussion on how dealers can utilize the next generation of technology solutions to continue successfully growing their businesses while enhancing the omnichannel experience. CDK’s Sanjay Almeida will share his insights on the transformation of the dealership, consumer expectations, supply challenges and efficiency demand.