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How to Get “Mainstream” Consumers to Go EV

While recent years have marked great progress in EV sales growth in the US, virtually all of these sales have been in luxury and premium luxury segments, and, as Mary Bara has said 98% of those who purchased EVs owned, on average, two other vehicles. Clearly, it will take new finance methods, pricing, and mobility options to get entry-level EVs into “mainstream” hands, to overcome higher prices and buyer hesitancy. This “Fireside Chat” discussion will explore many of these emerging ways to accelerate the growth of EV sales, with innovators in the forefront leading the way in EV subscriptions, EV retail finance, and EV consumer information, education, and experiential support services. All ushering in a new era in “EVs for Everyone, Everywhere.”

Key Takeaways: 

  • Present an overview of how the entire EV ecosystem – OEMs, dealers, finance organizations and technology vendors, can work together, to maximize the impact of federal and state EV new and used vehicle financial incentives to profitably expand EV sales beyond the affluent luxury buyer, to the higher volume mainstream automotive consumer
  • Define the areas of change – vehicle subscriptions, new fintech and finance innovations, and direct consumer education and experiential innovations – in automotive EV retailing that will usher in and enable “mainstream” vehicle buyers to drive and own EVs in the near future.
  • Review the ways in which dealer retailers and remarketers can best leverage these new innovations, combined with their infrastructure and expertise, to sell more EVs to mainstream buyers today and scale sales rapidly as more moderately priced EV vehicles are introduced by manufacturers

Dealers Go Digital & Compete With Big Box Stores

Consumer shopping habits when it comes to purchasing new and used vehicles has evolved incredibly over the last several years. In order to meet consumers where they are in regards to convenience and control, digital auction solutions are helping dealers compete with big box stores. This panel will offer insights from one of ACV’s top field leaders along with 4 dealers from across the country on how digital platforms and solutions are helping give dealers back their time when it comes to sourcing the right inventory for their customers. These technology solutions help dealers stay relevant and empower them to be able to offer the exact car consumers want, whether it’s locally in their own backyard, or six states away. Sourcing inventory digitally is breaking down barriers!

Key Takeaways: 

  • Digital solutions help dealers source vehicle their consumers want no matter where that car is located, keeping them from going to a big box store or ecommerce retailer. Attendees will learn how to apply these solutions to their dealership operations to save time and money.
  • Attendees will explore today’s top dealer pain points when it comes to sourcing inventory and how to use technology to drive efficiency at their dealerships.
  • We will break down traditional dealership operations barriers with the introduction of new-age technology solutions, enabling dealers to source cars from whenever, wherever.

Transparency in Transportation Oxymoron or Future?

Transportation is a simple concept that seems to have become more complex to execute as new technologies and companies enter the space. How did that happen? Technology simplifies things and makes our lives easier right? Let’s discuss how transportation really works, what’s behind the curtain? Who is really booking the orders, who is moving the units? Is it the same entity a different entity a third entity? We will explore all of these aspects of the industry and familiarize the audience with the key components that they should be aware of while setting up a transportation solution. Throughout this discussion we will include key pointers on money well spent and money better saved.

Key Takeaways: 

  • At the conclusion of this session attendees will have a clear understanding of all of the different layers of transportation technologies and services and the value (or lack of value) that they bring to the overall transportation process.
  • Participants should understand where their transportation dollars are being spent and how to most effectively transport units, (effectively, NOT necessarily cost effectively, as attendees will learn, spending more could cost less!
  • Pitfalls to avoid that can put you at risk for insurance coverage issues and performance and accountability issues, learn who REALLY covers your insurance and who is really going to tell you “where’s my car”

Actions Required for Auctions to Stay Alive

Advancing technology, social trends, and customer expectations are rapidly changing the auto auction industry. Failure to adapt to these changes is choosing to fail. Growing satisfaction in customers requires land acquisition to be paired with constant innovation and good stewardship. The rapid pace of technology will change job roles and customer expectations. In addition, buyers and sellers are changing, and what they expect and demand is changing, too. This seminar will discuss responsible land use, the changing role of technology and logistics, and new services customers will demand more often like vehicle delivery to the end user. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Define good land stewardship and what it entails. 
  • Learn how the customer base at auctions is changing and what new services they demand and expect now. 
  • Discover how emerging technologies will affect the use of manpower, the services provided, and the user experience customers will expect and demand in the near future. 

Metaverse: Fact or Fiction?

With a market estimated to reach $800 billion by 2024 and $13 Trillion by 2023, the metaverse has the power to transform industries. The metaverse is a journey, but the foundations are here today. Multiple dimensions of technology, commerce, risk and community will evolve to form what the metaverse will be. Each dimension will mature over time, presenting new opportunities and challenges where business leaders must develop robust strategies to compete. Organizations that address the innovation potential now will be well positioned to harness the opportunities it will unleash.

Key Takeaways: 

  • The metaverse is a journey whose destination is unclear, but the imperative to act is urgent.
  • Digital assets will underpin user-driven economies in the metaverse.
  • Opportunities to leverage immersive three-dimensional experiences will exist without a dependency on Web 3.0.

How Today’s Busiest Executives Can Excel Amidst Change

Today’s Leaders are tasked with unrelenting pressure and constant change.

Join in to learn from one of Automotive’s leaders as she brings ways for you to

  • Create a Plan to Continue Growing Your Career with Confidence
  • Be the Stable, Supportive, Positive Leader During Change
  • Increase Your Influence and Impact
  • Strategically Position Yourself For Further Opportunities In and Outside Your Current Company