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The Product Refund Process in a Digital-First Era

Peter Krall and Anne Holtzman of Allied Solutions and Robert Christini of Dealertrack will discuss industry insights, the importance of strategizing the management of ancillary products and how you can leverage the speed, ease, and accuracy of technology to bring it all together. With them, you’ll explore an overview of the current market and how technology is increasingly becoming a dominant force. Attendees will walk away equipped with the knowledge and awareness of three challenges of product refund liability, invaluable takeaways to consider, and an outline of key best practices to observe. Allied Solutions is looking forward to diving deeper into what product refund liability is, the challenges it presents, and what it means to remain compliant in our digital-first environment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Compliance is complex and ever-evolving
  • Technology + people = accurate processes
  • Defined process for leveraging technology to manage ancillary products

Accelerate Digital Retailing With Smart Logistics

Automotive retail has experienced more change over the past 3 years than the prior 30. The pace of change accelerated throughout the COVID-19 pandemic as dealers have had to adapt to shifts in buying behaviors, inventory shortages, heightened demand, a tough economy, and rising customer expectations around speed, convenience, and home delivery. Join us to understand how logistics, analytics and automation can be your competitive advantage, ensuring your dealership doesn’t get left behind during these unprecedented times.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to make logistics a competitive advantage to expand reach, source and move inventory faster.
  • The role that technology, analytics and automation play in reducing time and cost.
  • How to supercharge and personalize the last mile to exceed customer expectations.

Evolve and Thrive: SaaS is the Future in Lending

Independent auto dealers are evolving how they do business. The future is about improved efficiencies to accelerate deals and maximize capital. It is not enough to survive – the goal is to thrive. With intelligent, SaaS loan servicing technology in use at the dealership, inventory selection, setting terms and pricing, and stip submissions are easier than ever. Customers with credit challenges can get approved in seconds and drive off the lot fast in the vehicle that fits them best.An effective loan servicing partner enables dealers to boost sales and profits while using less staff and get fast back-end payments with no required volume. Everyone involved succeeds when innovative technology is integrated into the car buying experience.

Key Takeaways:

  • Auto dealers need to evolve their loan servicing to implement intelligent, SaaS technology for improved efficiencies and greater profits.
  • Innovative loan servicing technology provides more options to customers, enabling a more enjoyable buying experience.
  • A fully digital loan servicing partner allows a dealer to free up capital to purchase more