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How to Leverage ChatGPT for Your Dealership

Learn how ChatGPT can revolutionize your dealership operations and marketing strategy.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Learn about ChatGPT
  • Learn how to leverage AI
  •  Learn how to use automation & AI to be more effective in your operations and marketing

Faster Sales and Service through Geo-Intelligence

Many workshops will discuss coaching, elaborate processes, and expensive new tech. None will offer a simpler solution to lost sales – location. 

In this session, attendees will learn how geo-intelligence – the ability to make any dealership asset like a car or key report where exactly it is located, when it arrived, when it moved, where it moved, and even who moved it – makes margin and sales loss due to misplaced assets or unmanaged processes a thing of the past. Plus, a turnkey way to reduce customer wait times that relates to increased sales regardless of how much data the customer walks in with.  

Best of all, geo-intelligence might be hard to say, but it’s VERY easy to acquire. Don’t go home with vague ideas. Go home with faster turn times and fewer frustrations. 

Key Takeaways: 

  • FASTER service bays – whether it’s about tech time or customer wait time. That’s productivity and CSAT.
  • Putting shoppers in the car they want FASTER – getting to the test drive faster sells more with better CSAT.
  • FASTER recon processes that reduce hold times and headaches – automation is faster than human management and way less frustrating for everyone

Customer Experience: From Innovation to Execution

The prevailing shift to an omnichannel, digital customer experience in the auto retail and financing space is creating the need for a more customer-centric sales strategy. A blueprint for execution is fundamental and paramount. This session will focus on why a digital transformation strategy is critical and on how to execute – from identifying the right tools and partners to recommendations and best practices when launching digital programs and capabilities. We’ll look at emerging ideas and technology and guide the audience with recommendations for smooth change management. The key is continuous, incremental change as opposed to a big bang approach.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Much of the thought leadership today focuses on why digital transformation strategy is important. We will touch on the why briefly, but our primary goal is to help attendees begin to visualize turning strategy into execution- defining vision, objectives, and requirements; identifying the right tools and partners; operating in an agile approach; etc.
  • We’ll look at a few examples of how retailers are leveraging simple solutions today that go a long way for the end customer, to prove to the audience that digital transformation doesn’t have to be daunting and straining. Incremental changes may be more sensible.
  • Coverage of today’s emerging retail technology, and new concepts that the auto market is gearing up for (mobility/alternative usage models, metaverse/blockchain, AI/ML)

Upgrading The Car Buying Experience w/ AI

What if securing an auto loan was as simple as unlocking your iPhone? Point Predictive believes that the time is here to make the financing process that simple. In today’s digital age where consumers have access to everything at the touch of a button, how much longer will they put up with the tedious status quo of knowledge-based authentication quizzes or extraneous stipulations? With the latest advancements in technology, financial lenders can leverage new fraud prevention tactics like AI and machine learning to improve speed, remove cumbersome screening processes, and increase accuracy in their assessments of potential fraud risks and consumer misrepresentation. In this presentation, we will share how lenders can utilize these new technologies for elevated fraud protection and make the car buying experience more enjoyable for their customers.

Key Takeaways:

  • An explanation of how the new technology works, how they integrate within the consumer auto lending process, and what the new car buying experience would look like
  • Why financial lenders should prioritize and utilize these new technologies for consumers today
  • How this technology safeguards lenders while delivering a streamlined experience for consumers

The Future of UX in Auto Finance

Get ready to reimagine the experience you’re delivering. In this dynamic session, Barrett Crites will dive into the importance of user experience in the digital car buying journey. With practical concepts and innovative methodologies, you will walk away with tangible ideas for implementing human-centered design and UX best practices in your own organization.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Understanding the impact of user experience on the digital car buying journey
  • Research insights to help revolutionize the auto buying experience through UX-focused initiatives
  • Methods for implementing human-centered design and UX best practices in your organization