Appraisal Vs. Inspection? Tech for Acquisition

By standardizing the appraisal or inspection process, we can begin to centralize decision-making and leverage big data to drive offers. Each day, dealers are realizing that having a proper consumer acquisition strategy builds inventory, improves profitability, and drives traffic. Building processes requires technology that works within your existing ecosystem. So how can a dealer use technology and data to make sure they don’t miss a single customer car across their dealership group? It starts with a consistent, standardized appraisal process that allows your decision makers (buyers, appraisers, etc) and data to ensure the right money is put on every car that comes into your group, regardless of brand. This session will describe, develop, and illustrate how to integrate these factors.

Key Takeaways: 

  • How to work and acquire consumer inventory across brands by using technology to empower and educate your staff
  • Learn how to close more trades and win more vehicles from consumers by establishing value through trust and transparency.
  • Discover ways to drive profitability and sell more cars through consistent appraisals and inspections that prepare your dealership to use technology to break away from the pack
NRC Spring Summit