Upgrading The Car Buying Experience w/ AI

What if securing an auto loan was as simple as unlocking your iPhone? Point Predictive believes that the time is here to make the financing process that simple. In today’s digital age where consumers have access to everything at the touch of a button, how much longer will they put up with the tedious status quo of knowledge-based authentication quizzes or extraneous stipulations? With the latest advancements in technology, financial lenders can leverage new fraud prevention tactics like AI and machine learning to improve speed, remove cumbersome screening processes, and increase accuracy in their assessments of potential fraud risks and consumer misrepresentation. In this presentation, we will share how lenders can utilize these new technologies for elevated fraud protection and make the car buying experience more enjoyable for their customers.

Key Takeaways:

  • An explanation of how the new technology works, how they integrate within the consumer auto lending process, and what the new car buying experience would look like
  • Why financial lenders should prioritize and utilize these new technologies for consumers today
  • How this technology safeguards lenders while delivering a streamlined experience for consumers
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