Conversational AI’s Pivotal Role in Retail Auto

2023 is a pivotal year in retail automotive, and conversational AI will help dealers deliver better customer experience and business results. Owners and investors are focused on streamlining processes wherever possible. Some businesses will successfully increase their ROI and CSI scores. Others will not. This workshop will identify the weakest link within an automotive dealership and demonstrate how conversational AI strengthens teams and profits. This session will examine conversational AI and debunk popular myths. Attendees will be educated on the types of reporting needed to better evaluate their dealerships’ ROI. This session will provide real dealership mystery shop examples as well as success stories and statistics behind the transformative impact of conversational AI in retail auto.

Key Takeaways:

  • Attendees will learn the how to evaluate real conversational AI, so they don’t get fooled in the future.
  • Attendees will learn which reports can help them assess BDC impact on customer experience and dealership ROI.
  • Attendees will listen to real mystery shop calls and examine real results from stores that have used conversational AI to transform their customer experience and business results.