Driving Revenue & CX with Digital Servicing

A culture-wide shift towards a digitized retail environment has been steadily building over the past decade, and now, most people begin or complete the automotive buying process online. These changing expectations have created ripple effects, which put pressure on dealerships to adapt.

As customers crave more convenience than ever, dealers that evolve to meet customers where they are will win. Long-term success now depends not only on selling vehicles online, but also on how willing you are to bring your service business directly to the customer on their terms. The best step forward goes beyond retail and enters the next phase of digital transformation: digital servicing.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Detail the road from digital retailing to the emerging trend of digital servicing.
  • Analyze the differences between valet and mobile services, from adoption rates to successes and setbacks.
  • Explore the early results from dealerships and OEMs that have embraced convenience and expanded service bays with remote experiences.
Auto Intel Summit