Embedded Auto Insurance in the Digital Dealership

Embedded automotive insurance in the fully digital dealership leads to more revenue opportunities for dealerships as well as better customer experiences. Forward-thinking dealers are already using embedded auto insurance to drive more revenue in F&I, more product sales, and a better customer experience. This session will provide a deeper understanding of digital auto insurance, how to embed it into your process and benefit from it financially, as well as how to take integrate it across the customer lifecycle for a more efficient sales and F&I process. It’s never been easier to include insurance in the dealership sales process. And the potential rewards have never clearer.
Key Takeaways: 

  • How technology will accelerate auto insurance sales in auto retail.
  • How auto insurance can be leveraged in the buying process to sell more F&I Products.
  • Why retailers should be paying way more attention to auto insurance to drive long term revenue.