How to Keep Consumers Connected

The ‘Connected Car’ is the buzz of the industry, but the real belle of the ball is the ‘Connected Consumer.’

While a vehicle on average has 176 “connection points,” the consumer has thousands of points of communication, and what ultimately matters for dealers, lenders, OEMs, and F&I providers, is how to most effectively deliver timely and relevant messaging to today’s savvy vehicle shopper and owner.

With so much conversation around the connected car, we’ve lost sight of the ultimate objective: Connecting with the consumer and creating an ongoing relationship that leads to a loyal and connected customer.

Digital Air Strike will share the top strategies for dealers, OEMs, financial services, and aftermarket companies to connect and empower consumers in ways that drive conversions and loyalty.

The target is to get the right message to the customer at the right time using the right medium throughout the consumer’s path to purchase and beyond. This is done by leveraging technology and data. The more personalized you are, the more consumer engagement you’ll get.

Key Takeaways:

  • Learn how to use technology and data to connect and empower consumers and drive conversions and loyalty.
  • Understand gaps in your consumer communication to keep customers coming back for more sales and service.
  • Discover the top strategies dealers use to deliver timely and relevant messaging to consumers.
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