Perpetual Search engines change the digital rules

As AI transforms the internet from websites we surf to a massive database we queue the old rules of digital marketing breakdown. The days of buying traffic, managing websites, and digital campaigns are number. With new powerful tools like ChatGPT and perpetual search engines consumer need not navigate the internet any longer, but merely as their tool of choice to find what they need and curate the information for them.

At the same time that new privacy laws and the removal of 3rd party tracking are making digital marketing less effective and more costly these new tools come along just in time to deliver a better consumer experience, more cost efficiency, and an always on consumer connection.

This session explores AI’s disruption of the internet and its impact and promise.

Key Takeaways: 

  • What new technologies are quickly disrupting digital marketing as we know it.
  • What new challenges and new opportunities they create.
  • How to utilize this new tools to optimize digital performance and sales and service.