Perpetual Search, next gen search marketing

New technology, privacy, and consumer click fatigue are catalysts for advancements in search marketing and consumer engagement. Perpetual Search is the next generation of search technology enabling consumers to connect continuously with dealer inventory and sales teams. No longer does the consumer and a vehicle of choice have to be on the dealer website at the same time. A critical feature during an inventory shortage. Further, perpetual search is less costly and pricing is static creating a more predictable ROI. Finally, perpetual search technology can be deployed anywhere online, even offline as a QR code deployed on vehicle windows or elsewhere thus activating new prospects anywhere, anytime.

Key Takeaways:

  • Why SEM and PPC are impacted by new privacy and technology development.
  • How Perpetual Search comes to the rescue and revitalizes advertising effectiveness
  • What is Perpetual Search and how it changes the rules and norms of digital marketing.
Retail Workshop