Predict Non-Prime Loan Performance with Ridiculous Accuracy

The unpredictability of non-prime loan performance has plagued the auto industry. Historically, the non-prime market segment has been deemed highly risky and a thorn in the side of auto finance. Today, this untapped market represents an enormous opportunity for a budding and thriving business. With a fresh perspective and the integration of data science into business models, the potential for growth and incremental revenue has never been greater. Chad will reveal how non-prime loan performance is being powered by sophisticated modeling using artificial intelligence and machine learning. With ridiculous accuracy of 98.5%, auto originators offering in-house financing can properly address the nuances of the non-prime segment and proactively build profitable programs. Fintech innovation! 

Key Takeaways: 

  • Outline the challenges and stigmas associated with non-prime loan performance. Demonstrate how data science is being used to predict highly accurate loan performance.
  • Explain what this innovative approach means for non-prime loan originations and the impact it will have on the auto industry.
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