The Changing Game of Automotive Retail

We’ve all seen the impact the pandemic has had on the automotive industry. The way vehicles are bought and sold is forever changed, and with that comes a cascading effect of opportunities – and challenges – for manufacturers, dealers, online retailers, vendors, lenders and consumers. In this panel discussion, thought leaders from wholesale, retail and the dealership will share perspectives on where we are in the great evolution of auto retail. They will explore what lies ahead for the car shopper, who’s competing for their loyalty, and how we are – and who is – defining what the best car buying and selling experience is.

Key Takeaways:

  • This panel is intended to reflect on current industry trends that are shaping the auto retail experience for every player in the game.
  • The panelists will also explore how providers – from OEMs to online retailers to dealerships – are competing for consumers by offering the “best shopping and buying experience”. But what is that exactly, and who gets to decide?
  • Attendees will learn that while the path to purchase is unique to every consumer, the most successful experiences all have one thing in common.
Retail Workshop