The Product Refund Process in a Digital-First Era

Peter Krall and Anne Holtzman of Allied Solutions and Robert Christini of Dealertrack will discuss industry insights, the importance of strategizing the management of ancillary products and how you can leverage the speed, ease, and accuracy of technology to bring it all together. With them, you’ll explore an overview of the current market and how technology is increasingly becoming a dominant force. Attendees will walk away equipped with the knowledge and awareness of three challenges of product refund liability, invaluable takeaways to consider, and an outline of key best practices to observe. Allied Solutions is looking forward to diving deeper into what product refund liability is, the challenges it presents, and what it means to remain compliant in our digital-first environment.

Key Takeaways:

  • Compliance is complex and ever-evolving
  • Technology + people = accurate processes
  • Defined process for leveraging technology to manage ancillary products
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