Transparency in Transportation Oxymoron or Future?

Transportation is a simple concept that seems to have become more complex to execute as new technologies and companies enter the space. How did that happen? Technology simplifies things and makes our lives easier right? Let’s discuss how transportation really works, what’s behind the curtain? Who is really booking the orders, who is moving the units? Is it the same entity a different entity a third entity? We will explore all of these aspects of the industry and familiarize the audience with the key components that they should be aware of while setting up a transportation solution. Throughout this discussion we will include key pointers on money well spent and money better saved.

Key Takeaways: 

  • At the conclusion of this session attendees will have a clear understanding of all of the different layers of transportation technologies and services and the value (or lack of value) that they bring to the overall transportation process.
  • Participants should understand where their transportation dollars are being spent and how to most effectively transport units, (effectively, NOT necessarily cost effectively, as attendees will learn, spending more could cost less!
  • Pitfalls to avoid that can put you at risk for insurance coverage issues and performance and accountability issues, learn who REALLY covers your insurance and who is really going to tell you “where’s my car”
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