True Automotive Market Visibility

What if what you observe, think, and act upon in the retail and wholesale marketplace was only partly true? What if unseen players are achieving results far beyond the standard? In this session, learn about all the strategic tools and practices beyond today’s standards.

This workshop is all about letting you in on little-known solutions that can take your retail and wholesale operations to next level of profitability, efficiency, and transparency. It is commonly known that two heads are better than one. In this workshop, we will discuss how your dealer group, or even a single-point dealership operation, can leverage consumer and dealer communities to become more profitable and efficient in digital retail sales, inventory acquisition, and wholesale vehicle profitability.

Key Takeaways:

Learn how to radically shift the way your dealership group or dealership sees and values vehicles that are currently, and repeatedly, undervalued. Customer opportunities and trade-ins considered too far away from the market, or worse resulting in lost retail sales and profit opportunities resulting in hundreds of thousands of dollars each year! You will see how other dealer groups and dealers are now:

  • Increasing retail and wholesale transactions, and profits, through Private and Closed Marketplaces
  • See how you can significantly improve inventory acquisition efficiencies through automation and direct consumer engagement
  • Learn how vehicle transparency is leading customers and dealers to improved profitability and sales/inventory efficiency
Remarketing Workshop