US Auto Sales, Financing and Used Vehicle Insights

Industry overview of New and Used Vehicle Sales.
Used Car Pricing and Trends
Auto Financing Origination Data

Data is sourced from the JD Power “PIN” database comprised of DMS data from 12,000 Franchised Automobile Dealers.  In addition, data also is contributed by the NADA Used Car Guide and ALG (both of which are JD Power Companies), as well as from our Industry Forecasting Team.

Key Takeaways:

  • Data and insights to US Automotive vehicle sales, OEM Profitability segments, incentives, trends, and outlook
  • Comprehensive review of the Used Vehicle marketplace, prices, values and future outlook.
  • Key insights to the auto lending market, origination’s data includes provider segments, Loan vs. lease, credit scores, LTV’s, pricing trends and more.
Auto Finance Workshop