US Automotive: New & Used Vehicle Sales and Finance

In this session we will utilize data from the JD Power PIN network along and data from our Valuation Services (formerly NADA UCG) as well as from ALG and our forecasting teams.

There are 3 topics in the presentation, New Vehicle data, Used Vehicle, and Auto Lending data. The audience will come away with many insights and takeaways from all aspects of auto sales and auto lending.  

What is happening in the new vehicle marketplace?  Is vehicle production on the upswing and returning to “normal” levels?  Will evaluated pricing continue?  Are incentives coming back?  What is the profitability  picture for OEM’s and dealers?  We will also provide great insights to the fast-growing and evolving Electric Vehicle marketplace?  

Similarly a deep dive in to Used Vehicles  + Automotive Finance.

Key Takeaways: 

  • Attendees will gain great insights to new vehicle sales, inventory (production) levels, pricing, incentives, dealer and OEM profitability and 2023 and beyond outlook. We will also offer insights into the fast growing and evolving  Electric Vehicle marketplace.
  • Audience will come away with a much better understanding of the Used car market at both the wholesale and retail levels.  Additionally, insights will include sales, pricing, auction activity and forecasted vehicle values and inventory levels.
  • Attendees will see how the auto lending market is evolving for new and used vehicles finance and leasing, including sub-prime.  Which lender segments are gaining or losing share and why, what are the trends on LTV’s, terms and pricing plus much more.
Auto Finance