Marc Steiner

Founder, Turn Automotive

Marc Steiner, a career franchise and independent car dealer, brings thirty-four years of dealership experience and knowledge to the automotive tech industry as a founder of the wholesale marketplace Turn Automotive.  

Launched in 2021, Turn Automotive recognizes and solves many of the problems that dealers face with digital wholesale marketplaces. Turn Automotive offers dealers an exceptional digital marketplace to buy and sell their owned inventory while also giving guaranteed offers on trade appraisals. Turn provides a premier user experience, unparallel support, and top-notch features before, during, and after the sale. 

Marc knows the ins and outs of all kinds of dealerships, from the showroom to the wash bays. He has been recognized as an “industry expert” on vehicle acquisition and disposition, and he has deep knowledge and expertise of variable and fixed operations, which is utilized daily with his coworkers, industry associates, and clientele. Marc knows technology as well as the importance of innovation to automotive success, but, most importantly, Marc knows how to leverage both tech and innovation into tools that can help all dealers make more deals and maximize profitability.