Mike Greer

Strategic Advisor, Tealium

Mike is a Strategic Advisor and Automotive Practice Lead with over 30 years experience working with Tier 1 & Tier 3 enterprises to create value driven business outcomes across Advertising, Analytics, Data, Digital, Finance, IT, Marketing, Sales and Service.

Working in Automotive Marketing technologies for over 25 years, Mike has worked with multiple start-ups and innovation companies, including three that became public companies.

An advocate for comprehensive customer experiences that meet consumers and business leaders where they are in their magic moments is core to Mike’s skills in strategic guidance, project management, and financial business impacts delivered to C-suite executives, line of business leaders and private company owners.

Data is the foundation of all business decisions and is therefore a business’s most strategic asset and key to the future of automotive thought leadership, including the value of data at rest, data in transit, and data activation across all business functions and systems; which is the next generation of value creation and realization for businesses of all sizes.