Nick Mottas

CEO, HopDrive

Nick started his professional career in Finance with HSBC before makingĀ a transition to IT in 2011 when he joined Estes Express lines as a Business Systems Analyst. There he supported business leaders and learned about the complex logistics that made Estes one of the most successful LTL companies in the world. He then moved to Carmax IT where he worked on projects to help them replatform their Transportation Management System to the cloud. It was there where the idea for HopDrive was born. Along with his co-founder and CTO Rob Newton they envisioned a more efficient way to move cars short distances for dealers, service stations, fleets, and rentalĀ cars. They both left Carmax in May of 2018 to start HopDrive, a gig-economy company built to move cars on-demand utilizing rideshare/gig economy drivers.