Shean Kirin

Founder and CEO, Dealer Alchemist

Prior to launching Dealer Alchemist, Shean Kirin dedicated over 25 years to refining processes and strategies inside of automotive dealerships. His success and experience as Used Car Director, Internet Director and Special Finance Director carved his leadership path and along with his team, he ascended into first place as the #1 Nissan and #1 Volkswagen dealer in Colorado state (ranking #22 in the nation). Not long after, top-ranking dealerships began requesting implementation of Shean’s strategies and he traveled all over the United States training teams inside of some the largest stores for several years on sales, internet, phone and BDC processes.

To this day, conversion, lead quality and efficiency in spend, combined with a deep understanding of what dealership leaders experience in digital marketing, continues to push Shean and Dealer Alchemist to deliver the best technology platform and the best results. Shean is married to his beautiful wife Tara and together they have four amazing children. Being in the car business and having a love for speed parallels to Shean’s extreme mountain ski-sports. Shean also enjoys CrossFit as well as being an avid reader.