Stephanie Alsbrooks Hanson

President, Tricolor Financial

My top strengths are Communication, Command, Arranging, Achieving, and Responsibility, which is fitting since they each start with the letters in CAR and I have been in the Auto industry most of my career, starting in 1996.

Last year I joined Tricolor as President of a new division – Tricolor Financial.  My goal is to take everything the team has worked hard to build over the last 14 years and use it to expand our inclusion mission and help our buyers have even more opportunity through relationships with captives and dealers.

Prior to Tricolor, I founded and led an auto lending software company (defi SOLUTIONS) to 100 team members and 100 clients.  We merged with one of our competitors in 2019.  Prior to that I was fortunate to have an amazing career in finance and technology (at places like AmeriCredit, Sixth Gear and Think Finance), meeting lifelong friends and learning so much along the way.

I live to organize chaos. Whether it’s the chaos of traveling with a family of seven or the chaos of

starting a new company, it’s just the excitement I need to feed my soul.

I also live to give (back).  A collaborator, helper and problem solver by nature, I love to give back with time, money, talents or a listening ear.  I am never short on opinions or creativity!

On a personal note, I have five kids ages 15-22 and one Bernese Mountain Dog.  I LOVE playing all card and board games.  I host a monthly poker game.  I have my real estate license and have been doing that for 16 years, helping friends and family save money whenever I can.  I visited all 50 states in three years with my two girls while I was a single mom and am now on a seven-continent adventure with our blended family of seven.  Needless to say, I love travel and crazy challenges.  And I volunteer weekly at a guinea pig rescue (you read it right!) and at our church in finance classes, counseling, and blended family classes.