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Take the Holiday Break to Respond to the AIS 2020 Call for Speakers Before the New Year

We know, we know. You’re already thinking about holiday travel and dinners, seeing (or avoiding) family and friends, and decorating and wrapping those last-minute presents. Exploring professional events and conferences for 2020 is likely not close to the top of your mind or to-do list for December.

Save $500 off of on-site registration for AIS 2020, if you secure your spot before Jan. 1!

That said, read on: For those interested in attending, you could save money for the spring season; and for those looking to speak at AIS 2020, here’s some advice on how to clinch your spot on the AIS stage. And considering the number of speaker inquiries we received last year, it’s prudent to get your name in the game early on!

At the Automotive Intelligence Summit, July 23-25, 2019, at the Marriott in Raleigh, NC.

Our Call for Speakers for this coming year’s event — the third-ever — to be held April 14-16th, once again in Raleigh, N.C., is open.

BUT, the window for entry is small. Once you get back into the office, you only have until Jan. 31th to wow the AIS 2020 team. (That’s why we are suggesting you respond from the comfort of your couch, perhaps between a holiday dinner and that next football game?)

The AIS 2020 Call for Speakers closes Friday, Jan. 31! Get your name in the game before the new year!

Need some inspiration for topics to present to the AIS team, and hopefully to the AIS 2020 attendees? (last year, the three largest groups of attendees included professionals from auto finance companies, franchised dealers and auto-industry vendors. See the full 2019 attendee list.)

Don’t worry! You can review some recording’s of 2019’s top sessions. And don’t forget; we are always looking for fresh voices, topics and content to challenge and engage the industry and our attendees.

The following eight topics have helped lead the event since its launch: compliance regulations, connectivity, mobility, digital retail, predictive analytics, investing + M&A, fintech solutions and economic forecast.

The key focuses of AIS 2019, and once again in 2020, will gravitate toward digital retailing and fintech — two of the movements within the auto industry driving innovation and change, and working to meet customers “where they are”. These days, of course, that’s increasingly online. AIS 2020 is set up to delve deep into the new horizons for auto and dissect how to streamline processes for all parties involved: consumers, lenders, dealers, vendors and more.

What’s our goal? To help turn the dial on innovation in the auto space — from fintech and AI to mobility and connectivity. More on that here, with a look back at year 1 and 2 of the Auto Intel Summit.

And if you aren’t quite ready to throw your hat in the ring for a spot on the workshop or keynote stages at AIS 2020, register now to attend, save money and get a feel for the event. Who knows? Maybe in 2021, you’ll be ready for the stage.

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