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AIS 2020 Goes All Virtual — Registration for All Digital Access Now Open

The Auto Intel Summit has news for our 2020 audience!
The COVID 19 pandemic of 2020 has presented unprecedented challenges for the world — and for our industry. As such, we believe the best and smartest move at this time for the health and safety of our audience, speakers and team, is to transition AIS into a high-powered virtual offering for 2020. We will miss seeing you in person this year, as AIS has grown into a popular and valuable event. However, we’re excited about the opportunity to provide great content, interaction, value and networking through our AIS 2020 virtual offerings!

Here are some further details for AIS 2020 — an upcoming all-digital event: 

AIS 2020 Dates

AIS 2020 will be broken up into a variety of different offerings, giving our attendees valuable content spanning an entire month. Starting July 27th and running through August 28th, we will offer live keynotes, a large bank of workshops, and demos of the latest innovative products in fintech and digital retailing. Breaking this down further, AIS Part 1 will run the week of July 27th, and include six keynotes and panels with industry leaders, followed by AIS Part 2, the week of August 24th. Further, a library of workshops covering AIS’ 8 core topics will be released between events.
Registration for the virtual 2020 AIS Part 1 and Part 2 is open! Experience AIS from the comfort of your home office!
Registration: You have the option of registering for AIS Part 1 or 2 ($95 for individual events) or sign up for both at the discounted price of $150.
Thank you, as we navigate all the new updates and produce an even more valuable AIS 2020 event. We look forward to interacting and discussing the key challenges and opportunities in auto for 2020 with you across an entire month.” — Bill Zadeits, Chair, Auto Intel Summit
Our updated AIS 2020 agenda includes leaders from across the auto industry, including top dealers, fintech innovators, digital retailing experts and more. With names like the NCADA, GM Financial, J.D. Power, TD Auto Finance, AutoFi and many more populating the agenda, we are looking forward to launching discussions and forming new ideas focused on the future of auto beyond 2020.

Scott Mathis, CISO, RBC US

Here’s a rundown of some of the top live, virtual keynote sessions included across AIS Part 1 and Part 2:
  • Some GOOD Remarkable Financing: Despite having our world turned upside down, the auto financing industry was able to immediately respond to the quickly evolving circumstances brought on by the pandemic. Each key operational area – sales, credit, servicing, loss management and remarketing – adjusted and responded with a keen focus on the consumers’ needs. Now, buoyed with a stronger partnership with dealers, there is an unprecedented opportunity to pave new roads in the customer journey of buying and financing a vehicle. While it can be expected that there will be some thorny bumps and unexpected speed zones to navigate, the road ahead looks pretty good.
  • Stay Competitive by Utilizing DMA Data: In the post-coronavirus climate, transparency matters more than ever. Gain a leg up on the competition by tracking the sales and shopper trends in your unique DMA. Utilizing industry data keeps your finger on the pulse of increased shopper engagement, in-demand brands and models, and your overall sales progress compared to the greater market. Use this invaluable perspective to stay competitive, reach your audience, and utilize your marketing budget as you continue to ramp up inventory sales.

Alisha Buelt, Senior Vice President of Global Strategy, Acertus

  • Jump Starting Your Business After COVID-19: Jeremiah Wheeler, of DRN, will discuss the impacts of COVID-19 on auto collections and recoveries. With fewer cars on the road and more staying parked due to business closures and shelter-in-place orders, vehicle location data may be more accurate than ever. This can help lenders and recovery agents more efficiently locate borrowers and vehicles. In addition, DRN has used its exclusive data and analytics to study how borrowers have relocated during the shutdown. All of these powerful insights can play a meaningful role in our partners’ strategies as they plan to restart their businesses safely and effectively.
  • Today’s Auto Dealerships: Managing Disruption, Innovation and the Digital Marketplace: Learn more about this dealer panel session (the 2019 discussion was one of the top attended AIS sessions).
  • Auto Industry Outlook: Navigating a Challenging Landscape: The auto industry landscape has changed radically in the span of mere months. The ongoing impact of the COVID-19 pandemic remains the single biggest challenge facing the global economy and the auto industry in generations. As the industry navigates the current environment, the focus will shift from one of lockdown and containment to reengagement and eventual recovery.  This session will assess the current state of affairs and discuss what we can expect going forward.
  • Auto Industry Venture Capital Fireside Chat — Exploring the 2020 Environment: Explore auto investing trends in a discussion led by Raleigh entrepreneur Scot Wingo, along with partners from some of North Carolina’s leading venture capital firms.
  • Leading the Auto-Finance Business into the Next Decade: Experience leads to growth. Growth proceeds leadership. And experienced leadership can provide key insight into the steps it takes to push auto fin companies to success — and what it takes to truly change the auto-finance landscape. Come learn from seasoned auto-finance experts from institutions like GM Financial, Wells Fargo, TD Auto Finance and more, to gain a full-perspective view on what to pay attention to and implement in auto finance.
  • Digital Retailing Panel: Moderated by AIS Conference Chair Bill Zadeits, featuring Market Scan President and Co-Founder Rusty West and friends.
  • The Auto Intel Council Explores the Edge of Auto Innovation: The Auto Intel Council is designed to provide the auto industry and its stakeholders with unique insights on key topics shaping the business. This year, AIS 2020 is capitalizing on this priceless insight for a panel discussion that includes the leading intelligence companies in the automotive space. Hear from experts navigating the present and strategizing on the future of auto. The council currently includes the following members: DRN, Equifax, IBM, KAR Global and MBSi Corp.
And here is a preview of some  of the industry leaders that will be presenting the 18+ workshops both AIS Part 1 and AIS Part 2 attendees will be privy to over the course of the month: 
  • Mike Buckingham, Managing Director, PIN Auto Finance, JD Power
  • Joe St. John, Head of Digital Retail, AutoFi
  • Scott Mathis, CISO, RBC US
  • Pratik Patel, founder and CEO, RideKleen
  •  Ryan Robinson, Global Automotive Research Leader, Deloitte
  • Alex Yurchenko, VP, Data Science, Black Book
  • Alisha Buelt, Senior Vice President of Global Strategy, Acertus
Stay tuned to for the latest AIS 2020 information and updates.
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