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Scott Painter, CEO and founder of Fair, has joined the list of presenters at the inaugural Automotive Intelligence Summit in Raleigh this summer. His session, a fireside chat with Cherokee Media Group President Bill Zadeits titled “Is It the End of Car Ownership as We Know It?”, will discuss how the automotive customer experience is
If you haven’t already, take some time to check out the Automotive Intelligence Summit Agenda here! The Automotive Intelligence Summit focuses on the future of the automotive sphere through eight different lenses we call the AIS Core Topics: Connected Mobility, Fintech Solutions, Transportation Research, Economic Forecasts, Predictive Analytics, Mergers & Acquisitions, Compliance & Regulations and
The Automotive Intelligence Summit represents the newest and most daring venture by Cherokee Media Group. AIS’ mission is to bring together top minds to make sense of all the data flooding all corners of the auto industry, synthesize it into actionable knowledge and mold the future of the automotive sphere. While Cherokee Media Group offers
Everyone knows the old maxim, “Knowledge is power.” It’s true. But knowledge requires understanding to be effective. The concept for the Automotive Intelligence Summit initially sprang to mind one day as I scanned the attendee lists for a number of recent conferences we had produced and attended. I noticed that there were a lot of