Automotive Intelligence Summit

Auto Intel Summit 2019 Speaker Lineup Packed with Auto Innovators, Change Agents

We are one week out from AIS 2019 — and our speaker lineup is complete.

It’s packed with professionals and executives from companies and institutions known throughout the auto industry and beyond, like Equifax, GM Financial, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, the Federal Trade Commission, IHS Markit and more.

From the CEOs of startups changing the face of the auto industry, to some of the country’s brightest venture capital specialists, our speaker lineup reaches across all facets of the auto biz, and intersecting industries.

Check out the AIS 2019 full speaker lineup. And don’t worry — there’s still time to register and save!

Mike Wall, Director, Automotive Analysis, IHS Markit

Need insight on how tech startups will impact the auto industry? Quin Garcia, Managing Director at Autotech Ventures, is your guy.

Curious about where digital retailing is heading and how it’s going to impact the auto biz? Andrew Tai, CEO at MotoInsight, has got you covered.

Or how about the latest in fintech? The opening panel at AIS 2019 will cover just that, and features Sharon Mancero, Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo Preferred Capital; Dinesh Chopra, Chief Strategy Officer, Ally Financial; and Mark Olson, Senior VP of Dealer Finance at PNC Bank.

Quin Garcia, Managing Director, Autotech Ventures

And if you are in the market for an economic overview and big-picture take on industry? Mike Wall, Director, Automotive Analysis at IHS Markit, will offer a high-level economic review and outlook for global sales, as well as a deeper dive discussion of IHS Markit’s U.S. light vehicle sales outlook and discussion of powertrain/technology/mobility trends.

You get the idea. We mined the auto industry and beyond to gather some of the most innovative minds in auto together — those who are on the front lines of industry change and evolution.

Learn more about AIS’ 8 core topics —   compliance regulations, connectivity, mobility, digital retail, predictive analytics, investing + M&A, fintech solutions, and economic forecast— through the lens of those defining their respective niches in the auto biz.

Check out our full agenda here, as well as our complete speaker lineup.

And, if that convinces you to attend (we think it might), don’t wait to register. We are just one week out from AIS 2019, and rates go up $200 for on-site registration!

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AIS 2019 Hot Topics On the Stage & In the News

If you have been staying up to date on developments as the AIS 2019 agenda has evolved, you know we’ve tried to take a look at the biggest changes, technology and shifts that will impact the automotive market the most in the years to come.

If you still need convincing, here’s a deep dive into why the following topics are top of mind for most in the auto biz, and represented widely across our AIS agenda — including cybersecurity, fintech, digital retailing and more. Also, find out how these current topics will be on spotlight at AIS come July 23-25 in Raleigh, N.C.

The AIS 2019 Early Bird Registration rate is set to go up by $200 on June 7. Register today, and save!



What’s in the news?

  • Top concerns from the Association for Financial Professionals fintech survey? In a poll of nearly 400 practitioners, the 2019 survey found that 60 percent cited strategic risk factors such as competitor and industry disruptions as their biggest area of concern, while cybersecurity risk ranked second at 51 percent.

Tarry Shebesta, CEO, truPayments

AIS Fintech highlights:

  • Discover the latest in auto fintech — one of the fastest growing areas for venture capitalists. Find out where the industry is headed in terms of programming and tech with captive leaders. This conversation will be led by Sharen Mancero, Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo Preferred Capital, and will feature Dinesh Chopra, Chief Strategy Officer, Ally Financial, and more.
  • Digital Retailing is one of the hottest technology topics in the auto industry right now. Where does fintech fit in to the online path-to-purchase? Tarry Shebesta, CEO, truPayments, tackles this issue at AIS.


Digital Retailing

What’s in the News?

  • Digital retailing companies like Roadster and more continue to add to the list of automakers for which they provide DR services.

AIS Digital Retailing Highlights 

  • Separating the Facts from Fiction: Andrew Tai, CEO at MotoIsight, says his goal during his keynote “is to help dealers better understand the wave of change that is already upon us, but also navigate how to take advantage of it.”
  • PeteMacInnis, Founder and CEO, eLEND Solutions, will tackle the following question: Is Digital Retailing Promising More Than It Can Deliver?



What’s in the news?

  • Connected cars: Sophisticated technologies that promise to produce safer, more fuel-efficient vehicles equipped with consumer-pleasing conveniences are also capable of revealing personal information, such as where a driver’s been, their telephone contact list, how fast they drive and whether they use their seat belts.

Ryan Bachman, SVP Global Chief Information Security Officer, GM Financial

AIS Cybersecurity highlights:

  • Discover the answers to the most pressing cybersecurity issues that the auto and auto finance industry are facing during a fireside chat with Ryan Bachman, SVP Global Chief Information Security Officer, GM Financial and Bill Zadeits, Chair, Auto Intelligence Summit.
  • The possibility of data science and big data are seemingly endless — but with that comes challenges to data privacy. Hear from the experts on the intersection of data privacy at AIS, including leaders from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the Co-Author of the California Consumer Privacy Act, Mary Ross.

See the full 2o19 Auto Intelligence Summit agenda here, and check out more offerings that span the above topics and beyond.

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Highlights from the Auto Intel Summit 2019 Keynote Lineup

The Automotive Intelligence Summit’s 2019 agenda is filling up fast after an impressive response to our 2019 call for speakers. It seems you, the auto industry, have a lot to say on the topics we are focusing on at AIS, come this July 23-25 in Raleigh, N.C.

And as the agenda nears completion, a lineup of keynote speakers and panelists have come together we think might pique your interest — especially if the following are top of mind for you,  your business, or your industry: digital retailing, fintech solutions, cybersecurity, data privacy, customer experience, the future of auto dealerships, Mobility-as-a-Service and more.

See the full AIS 2019 agenda, and AIS speakers and presenters. 

Workshops and breakout sessions are crucial to any event, providing quality educational material and takeaways for our attendees to bring back to their respective businesses. And we have quite the lineup already of over 20 workshops and and Auto Intel Snapshots (brief, 10-15 minute presentations that are new to the event this year, and will be shared by some of the foremost thought leaders in the auto industry).

But at the backbone of any successful event is its keynote speakers — those names that draw attendees in, provide them with meaningful content, and in large part, often make the trip worth the money and time away from work. And we don’t take that responsibility lightly. That’s why we’ve assembled a lineup that represent companies like SAS, Ally Financial, GM Financial, MotoInsight, Wells Fargo, IHS Markit and more. And many of these AIS speakers are on the front lines of auto industry evolution in their respective businesses.

Lonnie Miller, principle industry consultant, SAS, will dissect customer experience with a panel of fellow SAS leaders.

Early bird registration ends in less than a month. Save $400 today. 

Highlights from the Auto Intel Summit 2019 Keynote Lineup: 

  • KEYNOTE ADDRESS — Digital Retailing: Separating the Facts from Fiction: Examine how dealers can apply lessons learned from best-in-class retailers like Amazon and cautionary tales like Toy R Us. Andrew Tai, CEO at MotoIsight, says his goal “is to help dealers better understand the wave of change that is already upon us, but also navigate how to take advantage of it.”

Andrew Tai, CEO, MotoInsight, will separate the facts from fiction in digital retail on Wednesday, July 24th, at AIS 2019.

  • FIRESIDE CHAT — Cybersecurity for the Future of Auto: Discover the answers to the most pressing cybersecurity issues that the auto and auto finance industry are facing. Where and what cybersecurity technologies are receiving the most investment and why? AIS Chair Bill Zadeits and Ryan Bachman, SVP Global Chief Information Security Officer, GM Financial, explore the complexity and importance of the intersection of data privacy and cybersecurity
  • PANEL — The Next Level of Fintech: What will the Auto Industry Solve Next? Discover the latest in auto fintech — one of the fastest growing areas for venture capitalists. Find out where the industry is headed in terms of programming and tech with captive leaders — a conversation led by Sharen Mancero, Senior Vice President, Wells Fargo Preferred Capital.

Ryan Bachman, SVP Global Chief Information Security Officer, GM Financial, will discuss cybersecurity with AIS chair Bill Zadeits.

  • PANEL — How & Why CX Is Improving with Big, Streaming and Intelligent Customer Data: Take a practitioner’s view of how businesses in and outside of the automotive industry are using customer information and analytics to genuinely improve the customer experience (CX). The discussion led by Lonnie Miller, principle industry consultant, at SAS, will  myth-bust and share applications of popular concepts like “AI”, “IoT” and “predictive analytics.”
  • KEYNOTE ADDRESS — Automotive Industry Outlook: Assessing Volatility, Opportunities and Risks in a Dynamic Market Environment. Mike Wall, Director, Automotive Analysis, IHS Markit, will offer a high-level economic review and outlook for global sales, deeper dive discussion of IHS Markit’s U.S. light vehicle sales outlook and discussion of powertrain/technology/mobility trends.

Follow along with us as we continue to add even more speakers to our growing lineup of over 30 leaders in auto.

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Raleigh offers Opportunities for Networking, Research & Fun for AIS 2019 Attendees

Parks, greenways, top universities, research hubs, award winning farmers markets, great music, even better restaurants, and a bustling downtown scene. These are just some of the things that make North Carolina’s capital city what it is. And, on top of Raleigh being Cherokee Media Groups’ home, these factors all contributed to us picking the location for the 2019 Automotive Intelligence Summit, which is open for Early Bird registration.

We think Raleigh is pretty great — and we’re pretty sure you will to! If you need convincing, read on …

First, the ‘work stuff’

If you are attending the Automotive Intelligence, innovation is likely key to your business.  The automotive industry is moving at a fast pace, with new technology changing the game what seems like every two weeks. A lot of this innovation is tied to AI and machine learning tech, as well as the connectivity technology that ‘drives’ smart cars, smart cities and the larger Internet of Things. And what drives all of this new tech? Research, of course. Raleigh is home to the Research Triangle Park — the largest research park in the U.S. Tech giants like Cisco, IBM, Dell EMC, Lenovo all tout a presence at the park. Spark your interest? Networking opportunities, perhaps?

Did you say you liked college basketball?

So, you can’t talk about Raleigh, or the triangle for that matter, without talking about higher education and well, college sports. Yep, Raleigh is home to NC State, and of course NCAA basketball powerhouses Duke University and UNC Chapel Hill aren’t far away. On top of being athlete producers, the three universities also tout beautiful campuses to tour and explore. (And Duke Gardens is definitely worth a visit).

Cooling Off

And we know, the Southern summers can be strong for those not used to the sultry North Carolina heat — but don’t worry, there are plenty of options to cool off. An afternoon on the lake your sound like your speed? You’ll find Lake Johnson on the southwest corner of Raleigh, featuring rental kayaks, canoes, pedal boats and stand-up-paddle boards. Or visit one of the most popular lakes in the city, Lake Wheeler, especially in the summer months, with its boat rentals, water skiing and tubing. Raleigh also boasts a variety of spray grounds and public pool options, too, if a quick cool off is what you are in the market for.

Save $400 while you still can with AIS 2019 Early Bird Registration!

Eating Out

Raleigh and the surrounding areas — Durham and Chapel Hill included — are known for good food and impressive chefs — from up-and-coming stars, to established names in the food business. Take for example newcomer to the downtown Raleigh scene, Brewery Bhavana, which blends flowers, books, beer and dim sum, and scored the No. 10 spot on the 2017 Bon Appetit Best New Restaurants in America list. (Tip from the locals: If you can’t find a spot at Brewery Bhavana, the restaurant next door (also owned by the same folks) Bida Manda serves up Laotian food, and features some dishes that — according to our team — are “musts.” Those include the Crispy Pork Belly Soup and the Pumpkin Curry (you’re welcome in advance).

And we can’t forget Ashley Christensen’s series of restaurants in downtown Raleigh. The James Beard award winning chef runs Beasley’s Chicken & Honey (fancy some Chicken N’ Waffles?) , Chuck’s, Death & Taxes, Fox Liquor Bar and the well-known Poole’s Diner. Speaking of Fox Liquor Bar, if you are in the mood for an after-dinner drink, it’s right around the corner from Beasley’s Chicken & Honey, and features inventive cocktails like the Jane Taylor: Reposado Tequila, Creme de Violette, Coconut Cream, Cucumber, Lime.

If you need any more suggestions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team in the comments section below. As you can see, we kind of like to talk about our home-base!

See how the AIS agenda is building out, for a taste of our confirmed speakers. More to come in the coming weeks as our Call for Speakers closes, and sessions are finalized! 

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Automotive Intelligence Summit 2019 announces first round of confirmed speakers & thought leaders

Spring is underway, and so is planning for the second annual Automotive Intelligence Summit. As the AIS 2019 team kicks off planning for this year’s agenda and event, a list of high profile names in the automotive industry are already on board to kick off the summit that focuses on the latest in automotive, including digital retail, fintech and more. (Don’t worry, I’ll share those names later!)

But first, let’s take a look back at 2018. If you are still deciding on whether to intend the thought leadership event — registration for which opens on April 8 — to be held in Raleigh, July 23-25 at the Crabtree Valley Marriott, take a gander at the below numbers.

Do you have insights to help answer the most important questions about the future of auto? Don’t miss the chance to speak at the Auto Intel Summit.

Last year, the inaugural event drew over 200 attendees and featured 43 speakers. Other key highlights included:

  • 38 company leaders and data specialists
  • 10+ hours of networking
  • 30 customized workshops
  • 9+ educational hours, including meaningful breakout sessions, panel discussions, and keynote speeches to take part in

The 2018 event focused on eight core topics: Connected Mobility, Compliace & Regulations, Economic Forecasts, Fintech Solutons, Investment Capital, Mergers & Acquisitions, Predictive Analytics and Transportation Research.

This year’s summit will once again revisit these topics with a deep dive into digital retail and fintech trends, which sister publications Auto Remarketing and SubPrime Auto Finance News, as well as the new Auto Fin Journal, cover in detail throughout the year.

The Automotive Intelligence Summit was created to bring together the tech and autofin industries to discoverand analyze new trends, innovation and disruptions that we face in the future of the automotive world.

So, are you ready to hear about what we already have on tap for 2019? The AIS 2019 Call for Speakers is open until April 22, and we are looking for workshop speakers and keynotes, as well as those interested in 10-15 minute, concise, TED-style presentations.

Here are just a few of the names of leaders already confirmed for AIS 2019:

  • Mary Ross, President of Californians for Consumer Privacy, and former CIA Counterintelligence Officer and Counsel on the House Intelligence Committee
  • Andrew Tai, CEO, MotoInsight
  • Ryan Robinson, Automotive Research Leader Deloitte
  • Mike Wall, Director, Automotive Analysis, IHS Markit
  • Michael Perugi, Auto Industry Practice Leader, Strategist/Principal Consultant, Acxiom
  • Alex Maritczak, Senior Manager, Global Auto finance Leader, Advisory, EY
  • Lonnie Miller, principle industry consultant, SAS
  • Ryan Bachman, SVP Global Chief Information Security Officer, GM Financial
  • Jeremy Alicandri, Managing Director, Maryann Keller & Associates

And that’s just the beginning. Stay tuned as we finalize our three-day agenda, bringing together a group of experts and leaders that not only have a pulse on the future of auto — but also the power to change it.

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WRAL TechWire at the Auto Intel Summit

I’m happy to report that the inaugural Automotive Intelligence Summit made its debut without a hitch, and it was a wild success! People from all corners of the auto industry and beyond converged on the Raleigh Marriott Crabtree Valley and were wowed by the impressive speakers and presentations they witnessed over the three-day event.

The summit also attracted the attention of local journalists. WRAL TechWire, the tech-specific news publication for the Triangle’s NBC affiliate, had some reporters on the scene. They too were impressed with the discussions, insight and assembled wisdom the Auto Intel Summit offered.

As of today’s writing, WRAL TechWire has published two stories covering presentations at AIS, zooming in on the event’s focus on artificial intelligence, predictive analytics, fintech solutions and more. Rick Smith wrote about LotLinx co-founder Jason Knight’s session, discussing AI and machine learning’s evolving role in advertising, as well as the cybersec panel led by members of industry partners Carolina Fintech Hub. Mindy Hamlin trained her eye on IBM Global Automotive Center of Competence Digital Strategist Dennis Ephlin’s closing keynote address, “Disruption in the Auto Industry,” which outlined disruptors and the tech driving them: AI, the Cloud, the Internet of Things, blockchain and more.

Did you attend the first-ever Auto Intel Summit? If so, make sure to complete this quick post-event survey to let us know your thoughts. And if you happen to stumble across any more news coverage of the Automotive Intelligence Summit, send us a tip.

5 Quick Reasons to Attend the Auto Intel Summit

While these dog days of summer are still long, we’re just seven short days away from the inaugural Automotive Intelligence Summit. That means that, if you haven’t registered already, you still have a week to sign up to enjoy $200 off onsite registration rates, and we still have a week to convince you that this will be one of the best investments of your time and money you’ll make this year.

Here’s five reasons you should attend the Automotive Intelligence Summit:

1. Learn cutting-edge strategies
It’s been our mantra since the beginning that for all your questions, we want to provide all the right answers. Our speaker faculty will help you devise actionable solutions to your problems. We’ve assembled a lineup of speakers from Wall Street to Silicon Valley addressing topics from predictive analytics and connected mobility to new regulations and economic forecasts.

2. Teach others your tips and tricks
You too are a captain of industry. We can move forward into the future of auto together, and we should help each other along the way. Take full advantage of the peer-to-peer roundtables on Tuesday and Thursday to learn from top minds in the industry, or share strategies with your peers during any of our numerous networking breaks.

3. Connect and forge new networks
Speaking of moving forward together, AIS provides you and all other attendees the chance to make lasting connections to mutual benefit. Along with the baked-in networking breaks between session slots, we’re also offering you ample time to rub elbows at evening receptions on the first and second nights of the summit, as well as breakfasts and luncheons.

4. Promote the future of automotive
We’re coming together to determine the future of our industries. It’s at AIS that we can compose and champion that collective vision, both during and following the summit. With the assembled brainpower and talent amassed in Raleigh for the week, the possibilities are endless, and for you to miss one would seem to be groundless.

5. Visit the beautiful Research Triangle
We must admit — we’re pleased as punch to host y’all on our home turf. And we urge you to take some time to soak in the local flavor and color of our beautiful region. While at the Marriott Crabtree Valley, you’re but a short drive to the impressive North Carolina Museum of Art in Raleigh, gorgeous campuses at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill or Duke University, some baseball at the Durham Bulls Athletic Park and other fun activities. Diet permitting, we also recommend you try some Carolina barbecue while down here — best in the country.

If you’re already registered, start looking up ‘cue joints and Durham Bulls game times. If you’re not, check out the attendee list and then make your way over to the registration page to add your name.

How to Leverage New Fintech to Your Benefit

We’re only two weeks away from the opening of the inaugural Automotive Intelligence Summit, and we’re so excited for you to soak up all the content we’ve assembled for you. Here’s a little taste of two fintech sessions we think you’ll really enjoy.

jim landy springboardauto auto intel summit

Jim Landy, the CEO of SpringboardAuto, recognizes that consumers want a better buying experience, have more choices and to complete more of the process online. However, providing the user experience your customers are looking for is not just about technology. The modern consumer experience values real-time responses, full transparency and the ability to self-direct throughout the process. The best digital technology’s success depends on the speed of change inside the organization being faster than the pace of change outside the organization.
Landy’s closing keynote, “Bridging the Technology Gap & Predicting the Pace of Change,” will consider how to make the unstoppable and constant innovations in tech work for you and your customers. Thankfully, better strategies don’t just start with esoteric programs and apps; they begin with behavioral change and having the right people. Landy will also contend that the desired user experience will eventually prevail and opportunity is ripe with a notoriously less-than-satisfying buying experience in a very large market. Demographic change, new ownership models and completing the digital experience will create significant opportunity for start-ups unless incumbents move faster and pragmatically remove entrenched interests that shy away from risk.

Start off the third and final day of the Automotive Intelligence Summit the right way with this panel of master financial minds. Ed Falco, senior director of the Auriemma Consulting Group, leads a discussion with Rod Arends, vice president of service center operations for Southeast Toyota Finance, and Mark Tuggle, head of auto-lending default management and center of operations for BBVA Compass, entitled “Leveraging New Technology and Analytics to Improve Collection Results.” Through their rousing discussion, you’ll learn how companies have managed to improve efficiency and prevent loss using technology available today, saving upwards of billions of dollars in collections. You’ll discover plenty of strategies for how the largest financial institutions in the world leverage technology and analytics to solve real-world collections problems.

If you’re already registered, you can start getting yourself pumped for these excellent sessions. If you’re not, check out the attendee list, then make your way over to the registration page to add your name.

Your Questions Answered: P2P Roundtables at AIS

Perhaps the paramount goal of the Automotive Intelligence Summit is to make sense of all the questions you have about the current developments in the automotive industry, as well as those to come. While all of our speakers and panels will help answer those questions, your best chance to ask the questions most pertinent to your specific interests will be at the peer-to-peer roundtable sessions on Tuesday and Thursday. These intimate gatherings will seat you with an expert in one of the AIS core topics and allow you to bounce ideas off of them and the rest of the interested parties at the session, formulating strategies for the future of auto.

Here’s a rundown of our P2P sessions, in chronological order:

patty covington hudson cook auto intel summit

Boasting over 30 years of legal experience with Hudson Cook, CarMax and private practice, Patty Covington knows her way around some case law, and she’s seen enough change over the past few decades to have a good frame of reference of what to expect from the future. Covington’s expertise has been sought by dealerships, leasing companies, auto-sales financiers, tech providers and more, and she’s well-versed in auto finance, personal property and installment lending, dealer law, creditor-based collections, privacy and, perhaps most importantly to her sessions, data security and management.
Covington’s roundtable, “The Endless Opportunities to Get and Use Data — Are There Legal Implications?” will explore the legal issues businesses should consider when collecting, purchasing, handling, analyzing and using data. She’ll field questions on what laws may apply to the collection, handling, analysis and use of data, and hopefully, you’ll learn tips and tricks from you colleagues on how they’re using data.

jeremiah wheeler drn auto intel summit

Jeremiah Wheeler heads DRN’s fintech business, overseeing the business development, data collection and strategy efforts driving DRN’s license plate recognition data and analytics solutions. His expertise serves him well to lead his peer-to-peer session, “Break the ‘Same Data, Same Mistakes’ Cycle with Location Intelligence,” a master class in demonstrating how to use alternative data to improve your business practices.

As insurance carriers, financial services companies and public safety organizations turn to vehicle-location data and analytics to fight fraud, mitigate risk and fight crime, this data disrupts the old models that rely on customer-reported data and opens new opportunities to drive revenue and results. Furthermore, Wheeler will argue that old data models are failing companies in the long run. Be sure to ask Wheeler how best to implement location data to better your bottom line.

kartheek veeravalli defi SOLUTIONS Auto Intel Summit

It’s a question that seems simple enough on its face. However, we all know that simple questions can open multiple cans of worms. Luckily, we have people like Kartheek Veeravalli around to help answer these tough questions.

Along with being a member of the 2017 class of Auto Remarketing’s 40 Under 40, Veeravalli currently serves as chief product officer at defi SOLUTIONS. Prior to that, he helped create decision-management platforms for multiple Fortune 500 companies across the world while working at FICO and built a short-term lending portfolio to $100M via the use of customer analytics while portfolio risk manager at Think Finance. So, despite his youth, Veeravalli possesses the bona fides necessary to answer the tough questions.

Veeravalli plans on his peer-to-peer roundtable to be a widely engaging session. From the question posed by the title, “Are You Ready for the New Age of Auto Finance?” Veeravalli hopes, with your participation, to field and answer questions about recent changes and coming innovations in the auto-finance sector, tech solutions best suited to take advantage of the market and what adjustments you and your peers are making or planning to get ready for the future.

If you’re already registered, you can start planning your questions. If you’re not, check out the attendee list and then make your way over to the registration page to add your name.

GUEST POST: Maryann Keller launches franchised dealer advertising study

This post was originally published by Auto Remarketing. It reappears here with minimal edits.

Automotive strategy consultancy Maryann Keller & Associates will be researching the effectiveness of franchised dealer advertising in a new study announced Thursday.

The project will examine the possible correlation between lower new-car profit margins and the move towards digital advertising.

The firm’s principal, Maryann Keller, will be among the keynote speakers at the Automotive Intelligence Summit next month in Raleigh, N.C.

In her presentation — titled “Used-Vehicle Residual Values Underpin Multiple Industries” — Keller will take a deep dive into the volatile residual values of electric and hybrid vehicles to explain how used-vehicle price swings are causing ripple effects into other industries.

She will also discuss the growing tide of vehicles being bought and sold via alternative remarketing channels.

Keller’s keynote presentation is at 10:30 a.m. ET on July 25. AIS is being held July 24-26 at the Raleigh Marriott Crabtree Valley.

She joins fellow keynote speakers Scott Painter of Fair, Lonnie Miller of SAS, Mike Wall of IHS Markit, Dennis Ephlin of IBM and Jim Landy of Springboard Auto.

The full agenda includes many more workshops and presentations geared toward the emerging automotive tech and auto finance spaces.

Traditional advertising overlooked?

Going back to the MK&A project, the firm found in prior research this year that many dealers have cut certain digital ad partners or brought some spending back to traditional advertising — or both.

“While many industry observers predict that digital market spend will continue to increase, MK&A questions if traditional advertising mediums are being overlooked as a result of digital marketing hype,” the company said in a news release.

Franchised dealers are invited to participate in the study, which includes a 10-minute online survey. Participating dealers receive a $25 gift card and an MK&A analysis on the results of the study. MK&A will invite certain respondents to be part of a follow-up phone interview.

More information and eligibility requirements can be found here.

Click here to register now for the Automotive Intelligence Summit. Early bird registration lasts through June 22.